Make NOC from Banks Mandatory for Contesting Elections

New Delhi: Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh affiliated Delhi Pradesh Bank Workers’ Organisation wrote to the Chief Election Commissioner demanding to make it a mandatory condition in election affidavit for candidates contesting elections that there is a no default by them and their family members towards bank loans and obtain NOC from the banks in elections.
In a statement, DPBW general secretary Ashwani Rana said when banks give loans to any ordinary individuals, the CIBIL Score Report is demanded, which indicate creditworthiness of the person. After this verification only, a bank sanctions the loans to any individual. “If an ordinary person has to pass this test then why should it not be made mandatory for all candidates contesting elections to submit No Objection Certificate from their Banker/s that there is no default or overdue to the bank by them and their family members,” Shri Rana said.
For nomination, the candidates have to submit some details like pending criminal cases, movable and immovable assets including foreign assets, liabilities, source of income and no dues of the water bill, electricity bill and house rent. Hence, EC should add a mandatory condition in the Election Affidavit filed by the candidates in the ensuing elections that candidate should submit No Objection Certificate from their Bankers stating that there is no default or overdue to the bank by the candidates and their family members”. By this way defaulters of the banks may not be able to contest election and someone really wanted to contest the election will pay his dues of the bank will bring NOC. Delhi Pradesh Bank Workers’ Organisation has raised another issue. It said during the election campaign, some political leaders frequently make statements that “if their party comes to power the loans would be waived”. These statements not only mislead the people but also cause major damage to the banking sector as well as the economy. It has been seen that even those farmers who are having ample capacity to repay the loan do not pay in anticipation of loan waiver commitment by the political parties. “You are aware that banks are already facing a major crisis of increasing NPAs and providing fresh credit to the needy segment to society requires healthy banks. Therefore, such loan waiver statements by political parties exacerbate the existing problem. Hence, we request and appeal to your good self to kindly issue advisory to all political parties to refrain making any statements for granting waiver of loans if they come to power,” the letter sent to the EC said. n