Left-Liberal: Father of Oxymorons


 Indian Liberals are neither Indian nor Liberal. They seem to have developed a corrupt and contaminated DNA makeup

Oxymoron is a phrase that combines two words that seem to be the opposite of each other. Oxymoronic expressions can be intentionally placed words or could be plain gaffe. “Act naturally” is an example of an oxymoron that is mostly a gaffe. One can either act or be natural. “Only choice”, “Open secret”, “Amazingly awful”, “Clearly confused”, “True myth”, “Bittersweet”, “Deeply superficial” and “Walking dead” are some of the commonly used oxymoronic expressions. “Deafening silence” is a classic oxymoron. Silence cannot be deafening but the expression has a deeper meaning. We will look at more of these oxymoronic expressions in
a while.
It is a western fad to have a father (or sometimes mother) for everything from a nation to nanotechnology. If we are to have a father of Oxymoron, the place of pride goes to “Indian Liberal” or “Left Liberal” without necessitating a paternity test. We have almost reached a stage where an Indian cannot be a liberal and a liberal cannot be Indian. Coming to Left Liberal, it’s a well established fact that left can never be liberal. Thus “Indian Left-Liberal” is the father of Oxymoron because it is there in their DNA.
“What was done to Kashmiri Pandits was very wrong. But does it justify what’s being done to Kashmiri Muslims today? The present Kashmiri youth were not even born then. To blame them would be like blaming the present Germans for what the Nazis did to the Jews in the 1930s and ’40s.” This Tweet belongs to Mehabooba Mufti, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Is there an oxymoron in the Tweet? Yes, the owner of the Tweet is the oxymoron. She is a classical example of the tribe called Indian Liberals.
Mehabooba Mufti has perhaps unintentionally exposed the incredibly self-righteous duplicity of her tribe. It took her three decades to even admit what happened to Kashmiri Hindus was wrong. But that isn't her real concern. Her real concern is the clampdown on freedom of expression of the stone-pelters, though she hides it behind semantics. Without internet and with imposing presence of Indian Army, the employers of stone-pelters have become jobless. That hurts the Liberal inside Mehabooba Mufti.
A true Indian Liberal would ask Modi a million questions and shoot letters about mob lynching in different parts of the country. They perhaps expect Modi to personally fight and exterminate the “Gau Rakshaks” so that the “cattle thieves” could carry out their business normally. Normally like they used to do during the Golden Age of Secularism between 2004 and 2014. But will they talk about the atrocities unleashed on Kashmiri Hindus, the ethnic cleansing and the genocide of late 1980s and early 1990s? That is where the oxymoron “deafening silence” comes into play. Silence becomes deafening when the words that should have soothed, the words that should have been honest, refuse to come out. Without mincing words, “deafening silence” is the standard and only response of Indian Liberals for the countless Hindus culled by Jihadists or Marxists.
Host of Liberals are crying copiously for the incredibly cruel act of clamping down on internet and telecommunications in Kashmir. They were counting days on Twitter with Tweets reading 24, 33, 58, 70 etc. This outrage, these placard messages like “Not in my name” or “Hindustan, child raped and killed in Devistan” or “Pakistan didn’t kill my father, war did” are the natural acts for our Bollywood Intellectuals and celebrity activists. They “act naturally” when it comes to outraging outrageously against India.
Talk about Kashmiri Hindus living in refugee camps, away from their homes for 30 years with no mourners. The reactions of liberals can be so “amazingly awful” that people can get “clearly confused” by the “true myths” peddled by Leftist-Islamist brotherhood. Myths like Governor Jaganmohan being responsible for the Hindu exodus and not the Islamists. Myths like the class struggle between rich Hindus and poor Muslims being the root cause of Kashmir conundrum. Myths like Indian Army raping poor, hapless Kashmiri women.
Forget the children born after 1990 and the millennials. But their parents and grandparents were alive and kicking (out the Hindus) when the Kashmiri Hindu exodus happened. They were friends and neighbours of those who were killed or driven away. Keeping Governor Jaganmohan and Pakistani terrorists out, why didn’t the Kashmiri Muslims stand up for their Hindu brethren and protect them, their homes and their temples? Ask a liberal like Mehabooba Mufti and “deafening silence” will be the “only choice” of response. Essentially, Hindu lives don’t matter to liberals and that is a well established “open secret.”
While the liberal world laments for the Kashmiris (Muslims in reality) and their paradise lost, the Pandits and other Hindus have to live with “bittersweet” memories of their homeland. Though the memories of home are sweet, the ruthless trampling of their human rights and complete lack of outrage for their lost paradise must be extremely bitter.
The liberals would always stand up and fight for minority rights, as long as they aren’t Hindus. They would protest against oppression as long as the oppressors aren’t Islamists. Their passion for human rights, minority rights, gender equality and LGBT communities is “deeply superficial”. They slam Indian Government, Indian Army, Indian Society and Indian men for lack of all these liberties in India. Yet, same people support draconian laws like Article 370 and 35A that obliterate human rights, minority rights, gender equality and LGBT rights in Kashmir. Ultra-Left Activist Kavita Krishnan was recently exposed for her duplicity and hypocrisy by the LGBT community in London, where she was holding a press meet against abrogation of Article 370. Finally some truly oppressed people have seen through the nefarious designs of these so called liberals.

As soon as someone speaks in support of abrogation of Article 370, liberals shoot from their hips, “Will Modi and Shah dare to abrogate Article 371 in Nagaland too?” That’s such a baseless false equivalence. The majority community in Nagaland or any other state hasn’t done anything like what happened in Kashmir. They didn’t declare on loudspeakers from places of worship, “Convert, leave or die. Leave your women and properties and get lost.”
That is what happened in Kashmir. That is why the Kashmiri Hindus have been rendered homeless and hopeless refugees in their own country. Strangely, not a single Kashmiri Hindu picked up arms to avenge. Like the exiled Tibetan Buddhists, the Kashmiri Hindus have tried to squeeze themselves wherever possible and lived peacefully, with a distant and dying hope of returning to their homes in their paradise some day. That is why a group of Kashmiri Hindus met PM Modi in Houston during Howdy Modi event. They thanked him for rejuvenating their hope, something that was missing in their life through all these years of liberal manipulation.
Coming back to liberals, apart from their duplicity on Kashmir, they have several other dubious distinctions. They had condemned Modi and called Nawaz Sharif a statesman. Sharif is in jail on corruption charges today. They again slammed war monger Modi and rooted for visionary Imran Khan for Nobel Peace Prize. He just blackmailed the entire world with a nuclear catastrophe in his UNGA speech.
A Congress leader and ultra-liberal Manishankar Aiyer had pleaded with Pakistanis to ‘eliminate Modi’ and bring them back to power to continue Indo-Pak dialogue. Several Indian Liberals and politicians have made immense contributions towards Pakistan’s Kashmir policy. Pakistan quoted NDTV and Rahul Gandhi among others in support of their arguments against India.
In short, Indian Liberals are neither Indian nor Liberal. They seem to have a contaminated or corrupt DNA makeup. DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, the unit of life. “Deoxy” stands for any entity that has lost an Oxygen atom. Prolonged loss of Oxygen (Deoxygenation) leads to cell damage and death. Looking at the antagonism the Indian Liberals have exhibited towards India, there arises a doubt about their Oxymoron status. They couldn't be mere Oxymorons. They ought to be called Deoxymorons. “Deoxygenated Morons” suffering from irreversible brain damage. Other expressions used for such entities are “Walking dead” or Zombies. n