Be Equal Partner in Nation Building
Sushri Shantakka, retired IPS Smt Nirmal Kaur and other at the Samiti function  
‘Matruttva’ (motherhood) and ‘Kartruttva’ (career) are the two basic responsibilities of the women, but it is time for them to assume the ‘Netruttva’ (leadership) of the society, Rashtra Sevika Samiti Pramukh Sanchalika Shantakka said at Samiti’s Vijayadashami Utsav
Nagpur: “Nari Shakti always played a key role in nation-building since ancient times. Now the time has come for the women to realise their inner strength and contribute to rebuilding new India based on the values and ethos of Hindu tradition,” said Rashtra Sevika Samiti Pramukh Sanchalika Sushri Shantakka.
She was addressing the Vijayadashami Utsav of Nagpur unit of the Samiti held at PMG Hall, Madhav Nagar on October 2. Retired IPS officer from Jharkhand, Nirmal Kaur, was the chief guest at the function.
Shantakka Tai expressed concern over the degradation of morality and values among the youth of Bharat and said, “Bharat is the only country across the world which has more youth population than any other nation. Unfortunately, they are being misguided by various political, cultural, religious and social forces. Particularly, the young girls are being deceived by these forces and mass conversion of Hindu girls is on the rise. In this crucial period, ‘Matrishakti’ of the nation should play a vital role to inculcate values and make their children responsible.
‘Matruttva’ (Motherhood) and ‘Kartruttva’ (Career) are the two basic responsibilities of the women but it is time for them to assume the ‘Netruttva’ (leadership) of the society, Shantakka said.
She further said Bharat will be free from corruption and terrorism only when honest, responsible and patriotic youth come forward to realise this dream of new India. This requires ‘sankalp’ (resolve) of motherhood. Determined and virtuous women alone can achieve this. What is needed is that the women should follow the eternal principles and values preached by the sages and saints. Hindu philosophy is the best philosophy in the world and Rashtra Sevika Samiti is working constantly to develop the women power to serve the nation.
Retired IPS, Nirmal Kaur, said that ‘Narittva’ (womanhood) is considered as the basic principle of new creation (srujan). This is the reason why mother is considered as the first 'guru' of a child in Bharatiya tradition. Women must realise their own importance in society and become creators of morally developed society.
Earlier, the Sevikas clad in the uniform of the organisation took a route march in the area marching to the tunes of band platoon. Shantakka Tai and Nirmal Kaur performed the Shastrapujan. Vidarbha Prant Karyavahika Smt Rohini Athavale and Nagpur Vibhag Karyavahika Smt Karuna Sathe shared the dais with the dignitaries. Manjusha Pandharipande made the introductory remarks, while Karuna Sathe proposed a vote of thanks. Jui Wandalkar conducted the proceedings.