Hindus are the Most Educated of All Religious Groups in the US
Organiser   09-Jan-2019


Hindus in the US accounted for the largest share of those holding the 4 year college degree, with 77 per cent. Unitarians came second, with 67 per cent, Jews & Anglican Church believers were third with 59 per cent

Dr Rupa Murthy

According to 2017 United States Census Bureau data, Indian Americans constitute 1.3% of the total US population. Out of that 1.3 % of total population, 50.4% are Hindus. The Pew Research Center, a non-partisan American fact tank published a study, had used the four year degree as the marker. The study concluded Hindus in the US at 77% accounted for the largest share of those holding the 4 year college degree. Unitarians came second at 67 %, Jews & Anglican Church believers were third at 59%.

While majority of Hindus are from different states in India, there is a small number of them that came from Africa & the Caribbeans. The Pew study also drew a correlation between this high level of education and high economic success. The study determined about 48% of the Hindus had an annual household income of atleast $100,000 (Rs.70 lakhs), compared to the average household income of $59,039 in the US (ALL religious groups).

If one were to scroll through the list of notable Indian Americans, you would note majority of them are Hindus. Be it; Sundar Pichai of google Kovid Gupta- author, screenwriter, filmmaker, and social activist, Ruchir Sharma -Economist, Jagadeesh Moodera -Physicist, Mriganka Sur -Neuroscientist, Vikas Khanna- Michelin starred celebrity chef, Sanjay Gupta- journalist, medical correspondent, neurosurgeon Padma Lakshmi - Model & TV host, Sunita Williams- astronaut and former Navy officer Swati Dandekar - Iowa State Senator Nimrata "Nikki" Haley (née Randhawa)- US Ambassador to the UN Kalpana Chawla -NASA space shuttle astronaut Or Vivek Murthy - 19th Surgeon General of the US, the list is supremely long and the accomplished Hindus in the US are too many to mention. What is it that makes the Hindus so successful?

Whether one is a practicing Hindu or not, it is interesting to note most of the Hindus in the US are inherently tolerant and a conscientious bunch. Most are extremely ambitious, hardworking with an equally high intellect to match. This is what Alan Cooperman, director of the PEW Research Center concluded: “This is the first time anybody has had good data on Hindus. The success of Hindus stems from the type of person that chooses to leave India and who the U.S. admits. This is quite different from other immigrant groups, where there are often high numbers of refugees or undocumented immigrants. Hindus are a fascinating group.”