Mammoth spiritual gathering at Pongalur
Organiser   08-Jan-2019
- VSK Tamilnadu
Pongalur in Tiruppur District witnessed a mammoth spiritual and divine gathering in the history of Tamilnadu on 23, 24 and 25th December, 2018.
Gou Pooja at Pongalur 
Every year Hindu Munnani Coimbatore Vibhag, comprising Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Erode and Tiruppur Districts, organizes programs for youth on January 26 and for women on December 25. The practise has been in vogue for the past 11 years. This year Coimbatore vibhag planned to organize 1 lakh families at the same place with the motto ‘Hindu Munnani in every house; Hindu Munnani Committee in every street’.

Gou Pooja at Pongalur by Women 
A Committee was formed to organize the event. Various poojas were organized to strengthen the Hindu society. Gaja Puja (strength), Ashwa Puja (Speed) and Gau Puja (Peace) were planned. One Gaja Puja, 17 Yagnas, 108 Ashwa Puja, 1008 Gau (National breed) Puja and a meet of 1 lakh families along with Meenakshi Kalyanam and Andal Thiru Kalyanam were organized for three days.

Meenakshi Devi at Pongalur 
A core team with 47 departments were identified so that the entire program is conducted without hiccups. Various methods were employed to take the message of the event to the nook and corners of the state. 4 raths in four districts were organized. Yatras and public meetings were organised at 1380 places. Consequently, 2,17, 640 people performed puja during Rath yatra. For Yagnas, bricks and ghee were also received from the public. 1, 25,000 bricks and 1100 litre of ghee were received from the devotees. Cleaning and structuring the 65 acres of land for this mammoth gathering and 130 acres of land for transport parking went on for two months.
Mammoth Gathering at Pongalur 
Three day event started with Ganapathi Puja on 23rd followed by One Gaja Puja. To everyone’s surprise, 190 Ashwas came to the event location at the same time. Pooja was performed to all the ashwas. Public took selfies with horse and enjoyed horse riding. In the evening, Meenakshi Thirukalyanam was performed. On 24th Dec, Gau Puja with 1008 cows of desi breeds was performed. In the evening, Andal Thiru Kalyanam was followed by Mahalakshmi Yagna. Homa Kund with 360 ft length, 40 feet breadth, 4 feet height yagna kund for Shodasalakshmi yagna in 17 yagna kunds was performed. Rs. 108/- was paid by each family to perform the yagna, and one mahalakshmi vigraha and posters were given as a gift to them.
People at Pongalur Spiritual Fair 
Sri Sakthi Amma of Vellore Sripuram Golden Temple Narayani Peetam, Thirukaylaya Marabu Meykandaar vazhi vazhi Thiruporur Adhinam kayilai punithar seer, Valar seer Shanthalinga Marudachala Adigalar, Kovai Gowmaara Matalayam Siravai Adhinam leader Kumaragurubara Swamigal blessed the audience. Puja was also conducted by ‘Covai Kamatchipuri Adhinam’ 51 Sakthipeetam Maha Sannidhanam Gnanaguru Sakthasri Sivalingeswara Swamigal.

Public at Pongalur 
Shri Ramagopalan, Founder Hindu Munnani, Sri N Muruganandam, State General Secretary, Shri Bakthavatsalam, State Organiser Hindu Munnani, and other leaders spoke on the occasion calling for a vigilant, united Hindu society. Shri RVS Marimuthu, RSS State President, Dakshin Tamilnadu presided over the meet. Shri Kadeswara C Subramaniam State President Hindu Munnani, Shri Sethumadhavan, RSS Akhil Bharatiya Sadasya, and other zonal, state leaders were also present.
Yagna at Pongalur 
People from all walks of life including politicians, government officers, noted personalities, participated in the event. Event witnessed around 5 lakh people (floating population) on all three days. Everyone who participated or visited in the Pongalur meet had only one word for the event: ‘Stupendous’.

 Yagna Shala at Pongalur
How Pongalur meet was planned and executed
Organizing a meet of this magnitude and successfully so is not an easy task. It requires a huge effort in terms of human resources, outreach, facilities along with making it attractive for the participants.
Public Outreach To involve public and ensure their participation, various pamphlets were printed and distributed; 1512 flyer were distributed through auto, 990 temples, 826 banners, 5 local television channels, slides in theaters, 64 one minute videos were disseminated through social media. Outreach were organized at 122 housing boards, 262 temples, 21 companies, 76 self-help groups, 118 schools and at 31 spiritual events. 520 social leaders were involved and 116 family gatherings were organized to spread the message of the meet. Graffiti related to the meet were written at 496 places covering 1, 53, 836 sq-ft of walls.
Yagna Bhumi To purify the area of yagna, more than 500 women involved themselves in coating the area with cow-dung. 300 temporary toilets, one office, 60 water storage tanks, 100 taps to clean hands, 7800 dwajas were placed.