Hindus Betrayed: CPM’s Onslaught Against Sabarimala Continues
Organiser   08-Jan-2019
CPM goons killed an innocent Ayyappa devotee who peacefully protested against the great betrayal of the Government that smuggled Maoist women into the holy Sabarimala temple
At last Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has done it. Two women in their early 40s had entered Sabarimala temple in the wee hours of January 2, 2019. They are Adv. Bindu and Kanakadurga who had to return on December 24, 2019 due to the heavy protest, resistance and blockade from the side of the devotees. They are known Maoists and anarchists and workers of CPI-ML Red Flag. This time they did it with the help and escort of the police from Pampa.

And the Thanthri of the temple has done what he had declared earlier. That is, he closed the temple as temple traditions were violated that this is the first time in the history of the Sabarimala temple. This happened when hundreds of thousands of devotees do queue up for darshan. Preliminary purification process took place after the temple was closed at 10.30 am. It was after Tantri got the confirmation of the young women's entry. CM's chat with the media was enough reason for him to go ahead with the purification. The ritual took nearly one hour. And, the temple was re-opened.
The women, obviously accompanied by some men, were escorted by the police and taken to the temple through the northern entrance. Devotees traditionally enter the temple climbing the "Holy 18 steps" carrying the holy 'irumudikkattu'. These anarchists had not complied with these conventions since their intention was not 'darshan'. The men who accompanied them had photographed the women. And, they have released the visuals to social media. Bindu was heard asking the policemen in plainclothes whether there was any evidence of violating the tradition. Then the policeman answered that he had visuals with him. In other words it is the result of a high-level conspiracy with the knowledge of the CM Pinarayi and other higher-ups. And, obviously the policemen in Sannidhanam were kept in dark.
In Pandalam, Chandran Unnithan, an Ayyappa devotee was killed in a brutal CPM attack. he was attacked while participating in a peaceful protest marchLater, reports poured in that the whole drama was scripted and directed by none other than the District Chief of Police, Kottayam, Harishankar IPS. He is son of the Travancore Dewaswom Board (TDB) member Sankaradas. CPM leader Sakaradas is the blue-eyed boy of the CM since TDB chairman, and former CPM MLA A. Padmakumar is no more in his good book. The women were given safe stay in the CPM party villages of Kannur for a few days after their futile attempt to enter the temple on December 24. Then they were brought to Pampa in police vehicle and then taken to the temple in an ambulance.
Kanakadurga's brother told the media, their family would not accept her any more. Her husband does not know her whereabouts. There are reports that he has complained to the police that his wife is missing.
CM Vijayan confirmed the young women's temple entry after a while. He told the media that they got the police escort. He says, it is as per supreme court verdict. There were attempts in the past, but turned futile due to resistance. He says, this time they have succeeded, perhaps due to the absence of opposition.
Chandran Unnithan was killed by CPM goons for chanting Ayyappa Mantra in protest 
Hindu Aikya Vedi president K.P. Sasikala Teacher said, once the Tantri performs the purification process, the devotees should take a decision. Devotees should throw away this government. Pinarayi should resign in the wake of this betrayal.
Devotees started protest marches throughout the state immediately after hearing the worst news. BJP state president criticised the CM for helping the anarchists to violate the temple tradition. He said, CM has cheated the devotees. Party leader Ramesh offered wholehearted support of his party to the protests.
In Thiruvananthapuram CPM goons attacked the BJP protesters in front of the secretariat. Police used tear gas, grenade and water cannon against BJP workers. One gas shell exploded in front of the satyagraha pandal where BJP vice-president Shivarajan was observing a hunger strike against the GOK's Sabarimala policy. The leader who was on the fifth day of the hunger strike suffered breathing trouble for a long time.
In Pandalam, Chandran Unnithan, an Ayyappa devotee was killed as he was attacked while participating in a peaceful protest march. CPM men pelted concrete blocks on the protestors from upstairs. Unnithan's skull was broken, and three others are in hospital with serious injuries.
Significantly CM Pinarayi Vijayan did not have an iota qualm to tell the media that Unnithan died of heart attack when the post-mortem report was not at all finalised. It speaks out his mindset. He is determined to manipulate the police enquiry into the murder to suit his personal agenda.
Hundreds of people have been arrested in the state for protesting against the violation of tradition in the Shabarimala. Eight women arrested in Kochi belong to this list. At least three of them were arrested while shopping in the street.
Sabarimala Karma Samiti called for a statewide hartal on January 3. BJP, Hindu Aikya Vedi and VHP have supported it. During the day, workers are carrying out the protest marches throughout the state. And, workers of CPM and Islamic fundamentalist bodies like PFI and SDPI are hand-in-glove in attacking hartal supporters. Two BJP workers were stabbed by them in Thrissur, Kozhikode and Kasaragod. Police resorted to lathi-charge in several districts. Attacks against the hartal supporters and devotees are taking place in large scale in the state.