Website for Patriotic Songs Launched
Organiser   31-Jan-2019
Shivamoga: RSS Sarakaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi, on January 20, launched, a website dedicated to patriotic songs in Kannada. A mobile version of the website was also launched. The website was launched as part of the two-day RSS Prant Shivir. Kshetra Sanghachalak Shri V Nagaraj and Prant Sanghachalak Shri Venkatram were also present. During the last 90 years since the founding of RSS, the RSS swayamsevaks have produced thousands of songs in all languages across the country. These are the songs that worship, venerate and describe Bharatmata. Many songs are dedicated to our heroes, poets, fighters and patriots who have worked for the nation. There are hundreds of songs on Sangh’s mission and objective. This is an unmatched record in the cultural history of any country in the world. Another noteworthy point is that no one knows the authors/writers of most of these songs. Hence, these songs are seen as a humble dedication to Bharatmata.
Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi, Shri V Nagraj & Shri Venkatram releasing mobile version of website 
Although the print versions of several songs are available in the name of ‘Archana’ and ‘Ganamala’, it is not easy and prudent to repeatedly print hundreds of newly added songs every time. It is also important that these songs reach the last swayamsevak, which is difficult if it is only in print. Hence, the website was planned so that it makes it easy for anyone to access these patriotic songs in Kannada and many other languages. As of today, songs in Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit are available on the website. All the songs are in Kannada script.
Prashanth Vaidyaraj