#ShathamSamarpayami draws National Attention: Why should you donate generously for the Sabarimala cause?
Organiser   31-Jan-2019

The Sabarimala Karma Samithi, a joint platform of various Hindu organisations set up for the Sabarimala movement, launched an online fundraising campaign 'Shatham Samarpayami' to support Ayyappa devotees, who were falsely implicated in various cases by the Kerala police.
In more than 10000 politically motivated cases registered in the state, so far, more than 60000 Ayyappa devotees have been implicated. Tens of thousands of people, including women, were arrested. Most of them were booked under non-bailable charges. The massive police crackdown and political witch-hunting rendered many Hindus jobless in the state. Thousands of people are also hospitalised with severe injuries in the state-wide brutal police action.

The Samithi has opened a bank account to collect money for the legal battle to save the Ayyappa devotees who were either in jail or on bail in pursuit of saving Dharma and traditions from the onslaught of the Communist Government in Kerala. Hindu Jagran Manch Kerala president Smt KP Sasikala Teacher appealed to all Hindus to participate in the campaign by contributing a minimum amount of 100 rupees.
Bank Account Details:

Account No:014805300019067
Branch: Kaloor, Ernakulam

Unfortunately, the anti-Hindu forces in the state are relentlessly working to sabotage the campaign. With the Karma Samithi’s appeal going viral, a new advertisement claiming to help the Ayyappa devotees surfaced, featuring the bank account number of Kerala Government’s Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF). Such fake advertisements in the name of Karma Samithi have diverted more than 5 lakh rupees to the state government’s account. CPM workers and some Jihadi outfits widely propagated such fake messages and posters on social media. Hindu Aikya Vedi president Smt KP Sasikala, Prajna Pravah national convenor Shri J Nandakumar, BJP leader Shri K Surendran and many other Hindu leaders have come forward on various social media platforms, exposed the hidden agenda of the CPM and the state government, and appealed to the people to make their contribution judiciously.
“We humbly request the faithful from all across the country to come forward and extend a helping hand to the Ayyappa devotees who ventured into this struggle to save their Dharma and traditions. It is our duty to ensure their release from jails and support their families. We request everyone to donate minimum hundred rupees and express your solidarity with this noble cause,” Shri J Nandakumar said in his appeal. He also requested to share the screenshot of donations, urging or tagging friends and family to take up the challenge, with a hashtag #ShathamSamarpayami.