Empower the Deprived to Empower the Nation
Organiser   30-Jan-2019
New Delhi: As part of Vivekananda Jayanti, Delhi Pradesh Bank Workers Organisation, affiliated to Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) organised a discussion on ‘the Expectations of Young Bankers and Expectations from the Young Bankers’ at Thengadi Bhavan on January 16. More than 100 young bankers from various banks of Delhi joined the function. National vice presidents of the National Organisation of Bank Workers (NOBW) Shri Ashwani Rana and Shri Manmohan Gupta were also present. President of Delhi Pradesh Bank Workers Organisation Shri Chhatrapal Singh presided over the discussion.

Shri Dharmapal Naik addressing the young bankers. Shri Manmohan Gupta and Dr Pramod Kumar (extreme right) are also seen 
Addressing the young bankers, General Manager of Canara Bank Shri Dharmapal Naik recalled the dedication of former BMS leaders in building the organisation brick by brick and gradually making it number one trade union of the country and also winning the trust of the workers across the country. He recalled the dedication of various leaders from BMS founder Shri DB Thengadi to Shri Rajkrishna Bhakt and others. He stirred the young bankers to continue to enhance their skills and set new standards in the assignment they are given in the banks. He also answered various queries from the young bankers.
Joining the discussion, Chief News Coordinator in Organiser Weekly Dr Pramod Kumar reminded the young bankers the words of Swami Vivekananda who stressed on empowering the deprived people. He called upon the bankers to reconnect to their roots in their respective villages and join any of the developmental activity there. “Each of us should endeavour to ensure positive contribution to the society and try to empower any of the deprived person in our contact. This should start from our homes and expanding to our locality should assume the national form,” he added.