PM Modi Interview: Delhi Journalists Association (DJA) seeks apology from Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi
Organiser   03-Jan-2019

New Delhi (January 3, 2019): Delhi Journalists Association (DJA), affiliated to the National Union of Journalist (India), in a press statement released today, said that it is not amused at the use of adjective ‘pliable’ by Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi for the ANI interviewer who conducted a wide-ranging and long interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a joint statement issued today, DJA president Manohar Singh and General Secretary Pramod Kumar said badmouthing a journalist simply because she conducted an interview with a rival political leader is in poor taste and amounts to shooting the messenger; it’s unwarranted and unbecoming of a senior leader of a national political party.
The association said that it is of the opinion that journalists have a professional responsibility to seek information, ask questions and get answers. “All journalists everywhere know that making your interview subject uneasy is not the best strategy and turning an interview into interrogation or inquisition may dry the information channels and thus become counter-productive,” the statement said.
The DJA said that many Congress stalwarts were journalists and they knew media ethics. Hence, in line with its long and brilliant past, the Indian National Congress should express regret and apologise over the incident. “We expect the party to reiterate its respect for the freedom and dignity of the press,” added Shri Manohar Singh.