VHP for Nationwide Agitation Against Oppression of Ayyappa Devotees
Organiser   28-Jan-2019
The Central Management Committee and Board of Trustees of VHP calls upon the Hindus to carry out nationwide agitation against the oppression of the Ayyappa devotees and join the agitation with full vigour
Prayagraj: The Central Management Committee and Board of Trustees of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) that met at Sector 14 in Prayagraj Kumbh on January 17 strongly condemned the inhuman atrocities perpetuated on the Ayyappa devotees by the Left Front Government of Kerala. It called upon the Hindu society to carry out a nationwide agitation against the oppression and join the agitational activities with full vigour. Apart from various saints and VHP leaders, RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi also attended several meetings.
VHP leaders and saints at the Central Management Committee and Board of Trustees meeting in Prayagraj Kumbh 
A resolution passed at the meeting on the Sabarimala issue said, “A perception has developed that the Left Front Government of Kerala, in connivance with jihadists, left goons and local administration, has been perpetuating atrocities on the Ayyappa devotees. The VHP is of the opinion that the judiciary and the government should refrain from interfering in the Hindu traditions and beliefs.”
The VHP and saints applauded the struggle being carried out by various Hindu organisations including the Ayyappa devotees, Hindu women, NSS, KPMS, SNDP, Arya Samaj, People of Dharma etc. “The struggle for Sabarimala today has reached the level of Ayodhya movement,” the resolution added.
“The Christians set the Sabarimala Temple on fire in 1950. Then they put up a Cross on the temple land in 1982. Now Muslim women made a human wall against Sabarimala. All these incidents show the depth of the conspiracy. The Government of Kerala has also started tirade against the Ayyappa devotees in the name of judiciary. Five devotees have sacrificed their live in this struggle and more than 15,000 devotees have been arrested by implicating them in more than 5000 false cases. Lakhs of Ayyappa devotees are trying to save the ancient tradition of the temple through demonstrations and creating human walls. But the Government of Kerala insulted their faith by pushing the non-believers into the temple at night,” the resolution added.
In another resolution on conspiracies to break unity of the Hindu society, the VHP said conspiracies are being repeatedly hatched by Islamic, church and left outfits to divide the Hindu society. Now some political parties and other organisations have also strengthened these conspiracies for vested interests. “It is sometimes in Mumbai in the name of region, sometimes in Gujarat or Koregaon, Saharanpur and Patthalgarhi in different names. All these incidents show there is serious conspiracy to divide the Hindu society,” the resolution introduced by Shri Jagganath Sahi from Bokaro and seconded by Shri Ajit Jena from Guwahati, said.
The VHP called upon the Hindu society not to be misguided by any conspiracy and counter all game plans unitedly. There is a need to be vigilant from the political parties which are trying to divide the society for their political gains. “All great sages like Maharshi Valimiki ji, Sant Ravidas ji, Guru Nanakdev ji, Ramanujacharya ji, Ramanandacharya ji, Narayana Guru ji, etc have always made efforts for unity of the Hindu society. The Hindus join all the Kumbhs and other festivals irrespective of any difference of caste, creed, etc. and they have also in the past foiled all conspiracies to
weaken the Hindu society,” the resolution added.