Ayyappa Bhakta Sangamam: Sterling Show of Hindu Strength
Organiser   28-Jan-2019
Sending a stern warning to the ruling CPM trying relentlessly to destroy temple traditions and Hindu customs in the state, the Sabarimala Karma Samiti organised a mammoth gathering of ‘Ayyappa Bhaktha Sangamam’ in Thiruvananthapuram
W hat the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram, witnessed on January 20 was an massive show of strength of Hindus in general and Ayyappa devotees, in particular. It was Ayyappa Bhaktha Samgamam at Putharikkandam, the largest available grounds in the city. It was a strong warning to Pinarayi regime, which is all set to wreck Shabarimala by violating the temple traditions there. Not less a person than Matha Amrithanadamayi Devi alias Amma, Bharat's spiritual ambassador in the entire world, lit the traditional lamp to mark the inauguration of the auspicious gathering. The gathering congregated was estimated to be more than three lakhs. They were from 3 to 4 southern districts. Devotees from Thiruvananthapuram and Pathanamthitta districts manned the three shobhayatras. The participants of the shobhayatras, estimated to be more than 1 lakh could not even enter the venue as the ground had overflowed by that time. The last rows of the shobhayatras had not even moved from the starting points when the public meeting came to an end. The devotees from four out of 14 districts of Kerala was more than enough to prove the mood of the people of Kerala. The ocean of devotees took the oath to do whatever is needed for protecting the dharma, culture and Ayyappa tradition.

 A galaxy of spiritual leaders from all across South Indian states on the dais
Bharat bushan, brother of kanakadurga, came to the dais and apologised to the society for the violation of tradition committed by his sisterIn her inaugural address, Amma said that temples are the pillars of our culture. If they are wrecked our culture would be killed. The society will turn broken kites. If rituals and traditions are not protected properly it will wreck the atmosphere of the temple. The developments in Sabarimala is too unfortunate. Every temple has got its own peculiar traditions and rituals. It is wrong to neglect them. The whole Shabarimala issue originated from lack of knowledge regarding temple rituals. There are several areas where there is no gender bias; temples and idols should not be viewed on this basis. In every temple, each idol has got its own traditions. Tradition is the language of the heart.
A partial view of the massive Hindu congregation 
Amma added that Ayyappa is a Naishtika Brahmachari. The Sabarimala traditions should be maintained. Therefore, young women should not enter there. The government should have acted with practical sense. These sorts of matter should be discussed by the devotees, thanthris, priests and people. Amma raised the slogan “Sabarimala Ayyappan ki Jai”.
­Swami Chidananda Puri, in his presidential address, said that LDF regime should apologise to the devotees for trying to wreck Sabarimala. He said, Pinarayi should be thanked for creating a situation for the Hindu unity. Lakhs of women and children have been participating in hundreds of programmes since the last more than three months with respect to Sabarimala issue. Hundreds of programmes were conducted in other states of Bharath and various countries abroad. Sabarimala has got unique rituals and traditions. Thanthri alone is competent to make necessary changes to it. No one can demolish Sanathana Dharma. Government tried to drag Sabarimala into controversy. Government unleashed invasions on it.
#IndraprasthaAyyappaJyoti: India stands with Kerala Hindus
New Delhi: Giving a new direction to the Sabarimala movement at the national level, All India Sabarimala Action Council organised the ‘Indraprastha Ayyappa Jyoti’ at Connaught Place on the evening of January 21. Chanting Ayyappa mantra, the devotees called for the protection of temple traditions and customs. Despite adverse weather conditions, women in large number thronged the inner circle. Women devotees also carried placards reading, “Save Sabarimala” and other slogans, urging the state and public to save Hindu traditions and customs. “As far as Sabarimala tradition is concerned, it has nothing to do with gender discrimination. It is rather a self-imposed restriction observed by the women devotees. Every restriction is not gender discrimination. Diversity is the soul and beauty of Indian culture and our temple traditions,” they added. Speaking to Organiser, Prajna Pravah national convener Shri J Nandakumar said, “The Sabarimala verdict has far-reaching implications as it is not just about the Sabarimala temple but all localised temple traditions and customs across the country. The argument of constitutional morality should not be used to target unique Hindu worship systems which are premised on non-codified traditions.” The All India Sabarimala Action Council also organised a seminar and brainstorming session called ‘Citizens Meet to Save Sabarimala Traditions’ in New Delhi on December 19.
Swamiji stated, the government should have held discussions with the stakeholders in the light of the supreme court verdict. CM did not do it; on the other hand, he went ahead with facilitating young women’s entry at any cost. But lakhs of women took to the street, with nama japa against the violation of traditions. CM not only ignored it, but also both CM and Devaswom minister kept on insulting the devotees.
Swamiji added that if the minister believes that he is the king, it is the people's responsibility to make him understand that he is wrong.
Hindu Aikya Vedi state president KP Sasikala teacher delivered the introductory speech. She said Sangamam is meant for creating a new history in Kerala.
Former DG of Kerala Police TP Senkumar IPS welcomed the gathering. He said lakhs of devotees came to protect the traditions. It is in contrast with the 'broken' Women Wall (organised by the LDF government on January 1, 2019) sponsored by the state government. Sabarimala is a pilgrim centre, not any tourist spot. The government tried to bring atheist and young anarchist women to the temple. Some IPS officers who do not respect the supreme court verdict properly resorted to worst methods hence this Sangamam. But the government submitted a fake list of 51 women who entered the temple. Making a sarcastic reference to the murder of rebel CPM leader TP Chandrasekharan by CPM goons and 51 cuts in his body according to the post mortem report, Kumar said that 51 is CPM’s fancy number.
Bharath Bhushan, brother of Kanakadurga, one of the two young women who entered the temple in ‘fancy dress’ with police escort during the wee hours of January 2, came to the dais and apologised to the society for the violation of tradition committed by his sister. She would not be permitted to enter his home until she apologises to crores of devotees. When she returned to her husband’s home, she beat her old and sick mother-in-law. But her CPM comrades propagate that the old women did beat Kanakadurga. She hid in a CPM party village and moved to Sabarimala as part of the CPM conspiracy. Kottayam SP (district police chief) Harishankar IPS is the man behind this. Bhooshan is ready to produce valid evidence for this drama.
The video messages of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhwi Ritamabara and Swami Vishweshwara Theerthha of Pejwar Mat were played before the audience.
Senior leaders of RSS and associated organisations including RSS Prant Pracharak Harikrishna Kumar, Sahprant Pracharak Sudarshanan and BJP president Adv. PS Sreedharan Pillai were on the front row of the audience.
Swami Prakashananda (former president of Shivagiri Mat founded by Sree Narayana Guru), Swami Amruthswaroopananda Puri (vice chairman, Amrithanandamayi Mat), Swami Poornamaruthananda Puri general secretary, Amrithanandamayi Matt), several sanyasins from all over the country, RSS Pranth Sanghchalak PEB. Menon, RSS Pranth Karyavah Gopalankutty Master and a galaxy of Hindu leaders were on the dais.
Prior to the august programme, Dewaswom Minister and CPM leader Katakampilli Surendran had visited Amma. Reports suggest that he was the emissary of the LDF regime and CPM assigned to dissuade Amma from participating in the programme. After the programme CPM state secretary, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan attacked Amma for participating in the Sangamam. Apparently, the terminologies he used are not suitable for reproducing in this weekly. BJP general secretary K Surendran said that Kodieyri was attacking a noble spiritual leader who is a woman who belonged to a so-called backward community.
Fake document in SC Meanwhile, LDF government committed a deliberate Himalayan blunder by submitting before the Supreme Court a list of 51 young women who ‘entered the temple and had darshan’. The list showed the age, address and phone numbers of the women. But, when the media men tried to contact them, the cat came out from the bag. Some women said, their age is above 50. Some others said, at Pampa policemen compelled them to record younger age. Some phone numbers are wrong. Some other phones do not exist. A number of people said that they never thought of going to Shabarimala, let alone going there. Funny thing is, two of the women in the list are actually men !!! Apparently both Bindu and Kanakadurga are not on the list!
After this latest ‘51 episode’ Pinnarayi Vijayan has become a joke. Reports from Supreme Court say the list was was not asked for.
The whole Sabarimala episode speaks volumes about the rude and dirty games CPM plays in Kerala to demolish Hindu faith. They believe that it will pave the way for the fall of HIndu organisations like RSS, BJP, VHP, etc. But, people of Kerala believe that his calculations are wrong. He underestimated the power of Hindu forces and of course RSS and other organisations. That is why the people of Kerala believe that but for RSS and BJP, LDF and CPM would have converted Shabrimala temple into a haven for Maoists, sexual anarchists and extremist forces.