Hypocrisy & Violence Define Indian Communists
Organiser   22-Jan-2019

Justice L Narasimha Reddy speaking at the function
Hyderabad: Communism by refusing to sync itself with changing realities has turned irrelevant and hence has failed to serve the humanity. No wonder they ended up being rejected all across the world. Division has been the biggest strength of Communism and without it they would not have survived even a single day,” said Chairman of Central Administrative Tribunal Justice L. Narasimha Reddy, while releasing a book, Denying National Roots: Early Communism and India, at Badruka College Auditorium on January 12. The function was jointly organised by Samvit Kendra and Prajna Bharati.
Justice Reddy further said he never took communism seriously, though communism produced some great intellectuals, but they diverted all their intellectual prowess towards wrong and negative causes. He remembered that China attacked India in 1962 though India was the first country to recognise the Communist China as a state. India even gave up permanent seat in the UN Security Council and also conceded its sovereign claims over Tibet. “Compassion is our culture, but communists filled Indian political space with violence and cruelty. The book will help us call the bluff of Intolerance/Award-Wapsi Gang,” the former Patna High Court Chief Justice added.
Member of the UGC and International Political Science Association, Shri Gopal Reddy introduced the book and said it presents the contradictions in Communism and cited popular communist slogans such as “working men have no country but they should raise one”. And how these comrades behave like internationalists when not in power, but turn into Hyper-Nationalists when they taste the power, as we see in China. Dr Rahul Shastri, author of the book, said the book deals in-depth on the relation between Indian communists and communist parties and Communists International that Bolsheviks had formed in 1919.