RSS Role in Freedom Movement cannot be Ignored
Organiser   19-Jan-2019

From left Shri Narendra Sehgal, Shri Baldevbhai Sharma and Shri Gautam Sapra releasing the books at the World Book Fair in New Delhi
New Delhi: Dharmik Vibhag Pramukh of Rashtra Sevika Samiti (Delhi and Haryana Prants) Sushri Tara Devi said the prime responsibility of social building lies with the grastha people. She was addressing a gathering on January 6 as part of ‘Mera Parivar Anandi Parivar’ campaign. The function was held at Saraswati Bal Mandir, Rajauri Garden by Rashtra Sevika Samiti.
Sushri Tara Devi further said the society is today becoming individual-centric and social relations are fast weakening, whereas in the joint family system, a child learnt many things from the family members. “Imparting samskars in the joint families was not limited to the parents alone. Every member of the society contributed to that. But in the blind race for modernisation, samskars have not been a priority today. People might have made economic progress, but the family and the heart have shrunk. We have all materialistic facilities, but do not have time to impart samskars to the children,” she said, stressing the need to start Samskarshalas also on the pattern of schools. Presiding over the function Dr Madhu Ved stressed on maintaining self-confidence. Sushri Vibha Gupta stressed on promoting literature and purity of language. Samiti workers participated along with their family members.