#Exposed Kerala Govt presents fake documents in Supreme Court on Sabarimala
Organiser   18-Jan-2019

In a bid to misinform the Supreme Court, Kerala Government raised a bogus claim in the court that 51 young women have entered the Sabarimala temple in the current pilgrimage season. The Kerala government presented the list in Supreme Court during the hearing on a plea seeking security for Kanakadurga and Bindu, the left activists who entered Sabarimala.
The documents, containing the list of the young women who entered Sabarimala, were prepared by the State Government. Citing the list, Senior Counsel Vijay Hansaria, appearing for the state of Kerala, informed the bench that 51 women-devotees have entered the Temple so far. But the court did not allow Hansaria to proceed further, and the Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said, “... We do not deem it necessary to entertain anything further".
But, later the media accessed the list, called up the people and exposed the fraud as all of the entries are proved to be fake.
On contrary to the claim of the state government, when contacted by media, most of them are either men or women above 50 years of age! Interestingly, according to the list submitted in the court, there is a scant mention about Bindu Ammini and Kanaka Durga who claimed to have entered the temple.
Directing the state to continue to the present security arrangements, the court declined the request made by Indira Jaisingh, appeared for the women activists who entered Sabarimala, to tag the petition with the pleas for the review of the Sabarimala verdict.
Indira Jaisingh in a tweet, said that it was ‘very irresponsible of State to share names with press’. BJP state president P S Sreedharan Pillai lashed out at the government saying it submitted fake documents in the Supreme Court to cover up the embarrassment it suffered in front of the believers in Kerala.

Meanwhile, Travancore Devaswom Board members KP Sankar Das and N Vijayakumar said that they do not have any evidence to back the state government's claim.