‘Sanskrit an Inalienable Part of our Life’
Organiser   16-Jan-2019
Noted cricketer Javagal Srinath appeals to the countrymen to learn Sanskrit as a hobby
Bengaluru: The root of all Bharatiya languages is Sanskrit. Hence, knowingly or unknowingly, we use Sanskrit in our lives daily, said former cricketer Javagal Srinath while inaugurating the Ujjivini, an Exhibition organised as part of Samskrita Sanjeevini. The two-day conclave was organised by Samskrita Bharati from January 4 to 5. Union Minister Shri Ananthkumar Hegde, former CBI Director Shri DR Kartikeyana and organising secretary of Sanskrita Bharati Shri Dinesh Kamat were also present.

Noted Cricketer Shri J. Srinath addressing the Sanskrit Sanjeevani in Bengaluru 
The two-day event was inaugurated in the presence of Sri Jayendrapuri Swamiji. Secretary of Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan Shri Hayagrivachar, Prof. Hampana, Samskrita Bharati organising secretary Shri Dattatreya Vajralli were also present.
Sanskrit has been an inalienable part of the lives of Bharateeyas and we have gained tremendous knowledge from research in Sanskrit. We all should learn Sanskrit, at least as a hobby, Srinath added. Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University Prof KR Venugopal said Sanskrit is finding huge interest in many foreign countries and there is great demand for Sanskrit teachers. Experts have agreed that Sanskrit is most suited for Computer Programming and hence we Indians neglecting Sanskrit is not good, he opined.
Sri Jayendrapuri Swamiji of Kailasa Ashram said 90% of the names of the Bhratiyas are in Sanskrit. It is a proud fact that many schools in England and Netherlands have Sanskrit as part of their syllabus, he said. About 2000 enthusiasts of Samskrit from numerous villages, cities from 16 districts of Southern Karnataka and 14 divisions of Bengaluru attended the convention.
‘Ujjivini’: Showcasing India’s Wisdom
The Exhibition ‘Ujjivini’ dedicated to the theme ‘An Exhibition of India’s Wisdom’ showcased the scientific inventions by ancient Bharatiyas, Sanskrit books, among many other topics, the charts about Sanskrit activities of Samskrita Bharati around the world and unique shops where one can buy items while speaking in Samskrit. It also displayed various science related charts and models prepared by students of more than 50 colleges and schools.
Union Minister Ananthkumar Hegde said Sanskrit is Bharat’s gift to the world. Several scripts of various world languages originated in Bharat. Languages of Russia, Mongolia, Lithuania resemble Sanskrit in many ways.
Former CBI Director DR Kartikeyan said if Israel was able to rejuvenate Hebrew, India too should rejuvenate Sanskrit. India has the opportunity to become world leader through the amalgamation of Information Technology and Sanskrit. More than 3.5 crore enthusiasts are learning Sanskrit in 40 countries through 240 universities the world over. Samskrit Bharati has been serving for the last 37 years and has enabled 94 lakh people to converse in Sanskrit. Their novel methods to teach Sanskrit through distance mode, short conversational classes is commendable, he said.
A Sanskrit translation of Jnanpith winning work ‘Yayati’ authored by VS Khandekar was also released. National Academy winner literatuer Janardhana Hegde’s new work ‘Subandha-Sevadhi’ was also released. The online edition of Samskrita Bharati’s monthly ‘Sambhashana-Sandesh’ was launched by Shri Ananthkumar Hegde.
The convention was a union of the volunteers who work for Samskrit at different levels like villages, cities and districts. It was a pointer to worldwide programme in the field of Samskrit in the upcoming years. A get together of ‘Samskritagruham’ (Sanskrit Families) was visible. Thousands of families with children witnessed the informative exhibition and the attractive cultural programmes in Samskrit.