‘Knowledge does not Mean Bookish Information Alone’
Organiser   16-Jan-2019
Nagpur: RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat said that since there are huge lingual, cultural and social diversities in our country, there can be diversity in the methods of imparting education also. Hence, formulation of a uniform education policy at central level would not be practical. The education policy has to be decentralised. Shri Bahgwat was addressing a gathering after giving away the Ramabai Ranade Smriti Shiksha Prabodhan Puraskars on January 6. The function was organised by Sewa Sadan Shiksha Sansthan.
Shri Mohan Bhagwat and others at the function organised by Sewa Sadan Shiksha Sansthan in Nagpur
 Shri Bhagwat said education is the foundation of all round development. “We frequently use the word ‘knowledge’, but it does not mean bookish information alone. In fact, the method adopted to apply education in practice is called knowledge. There is difference in ‘information’ and ‘knowledge’. When one uses wisdom with the information, it becomes knowledge,” he said.
Shri Bhagwat further said the country cannot make progress while neglecting the society. “Women have extraordinary strength. They need to be liberated from the restrictions unduly imposed on them. Only then they can show their talent in diverse fields. The women in the ancient period were free, but restrictions were imposed on them during the medieval period. But now they must be liberated in order to truly empower them,” he said. Referring to the positive experiments being conducted in education at various places he said these experiments are being conducted away from the set structure of Education Policy. The government would think about following them only after we show them in practice on larger scale in the society.
Presiding over the function Shri Satyanarayan Nuval stressed to connect education with samskars. Smt Kanchan Gadkari, chairperson of Sewa Sadan, introduced the activities of Sewa Sadan. The Sarsanghachalak felicitated Sichan and Bhagyashri Deshpande of Abhudaya Global Village School with Ramabai Ranade Smriti Shiksha Prabodhan Puraskar.