Devotees foil CPM’s attempt to defile Sabarimala Temple; Women from Party Villages return halfway
Organiser   16-Jan-2019

Devotees from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and other states foiled CPM’s attempt to bring women from 'Party Villages' to Sabarimala
The CPM regime's police made another attempt to bring young women to the Sabarimala temple in the wee hours of the morning. Two CPM woman activists have reached up to Neelimala past Pampa, the last gateway to the 4.5 km off the temple. Policemen in civil dress escorted them. Reports suggest, Kerala Police's anti-Maoist force has been deployed to execute the sinister move.

Devotees staged a protest by blocking the path leading to the temple. Several devotees are arrested.
Large number of devotees are from Maharashtra and other states. Seven little children with them. Some have even threatened to commit suicide against the violation of the traditions. More devotees are reaching Neelimala from other parts of the mountain paths. They protested by chanting Ayyappa Mantra.

say, the women were brought during the night taking advantage of the darkness. They are either hardcore CPM workers or wives of CPM local leaders, hailing from the notorious party villages (where the political parties other than the CPM, are not allowed to work). More policemen are being brought to the spot.