"We know CPM govt never respected spirituality, but no one thought it would turn so shameful," PM Modi hits out at Kerala Govt over Sabarimala issue
Organiser   15-Jan-2019


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack against the ruling CPM and the Congress over handling the Sabarimala issue. He charged that the CPM and the LDF government are sinful in Sabarimala issue. "The CPM government's conduct on Sabarimala will go down in history as the most shameful action of any government in power... We know CPM government never respected the culture, history and spirituality of a nation but no one thought it would turn so shameful,” Modi said.


The Prime Minister was addressing a mammoth gathering of National Democratic Alliance at the Cantonment Ground in Kollam on Tuesday. He said that the Communists never respect and this was what was found in the Sabarimala issue.
Criticising the Congress-CPM conglomerate, he said that they will speak one thing in Delhi but something else in Pathanamthitta, where the Sabarimala temple is situated. He also said that the Congress will speak one language on Monday and something else on Tuesday. 
Prime Minister said that the BJP is the only party which has taken a clear stand in the Sabarimala issue and the party is with the people of the state and its culture.
The Prime Minister also reminded the CPM about the fate of the party in Tripura and said that the days are not far away for a repeat of the same in Kerala.
Prime Minister also said that when the NDA government came to power the economy was in mess and in the past four years the growth was phenomenal. Narendra Modi said that the government will take this growth forward if elected back to power.
He said that union government has taken care of the sisters and brothers of Kerala. He reminisced the union government acting in the issue of the Keralite nurses who were kidnapped by the ISIS in Iraq and saving them as well as the activities when Father Tom Uzhanalil was kidnapped in Yemen.
Lauding the extraordinary work carried out by the BJP workers in Kerala, Narendra Modi said, "UDF and LDF will laugh at BJP but they don't understand our Karyakartas and you cannot break the morale of BJP karyakartas". He also said that the BJP is the part of the people of Kerala and the people of Kerala has woken up to BJP.