Government employees affiliated with CPM’s Trade Union ransack SBI Treasury Branch during Hartal: Police Play Hide and Seek
Organiser   14-Jan-2019

Leaders of the CPM-controlled Non-Gazetted Officers (NGO) Union had vandalised the treasury branch of State Bank of India in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram in connection with the non-BMS trade union hartal. The white-collar unionists were caught by CCTV camera while smashing the tables and breaking the computers.
CCTV visuals prove a lot of criminal cases these days, but not always, especially in Kerala. It depends on who the culprits are, what their ideological moorings are, who their protectors are, etc. Visuals clearly show the vandals. But, CM Pinarayi's police is scared to touch them, thanks to their political clout. Police still say, they have not identified the NGO Union (Non-Gazetted Officers Union) leaders Sureshbabu, organisation's state leader and Inspector in Sales Tax Commissioner's office and Suresh, Inspector in the Deputy Commissioner's office in GST department. Even though the images in the visuals are very much clear, police still 'fail' to identify them. If it is not for saving them, what else hides behind it!
Police have got a list of the accused, all are government employees and party men. They have arrested only two men who had been reportedly handed over by CPM. Police have got an excuse for not arresting the prominent CPM men: They are still collecting the information regarding them; they have gone underground! Police report say, bank's loss is Rs 1.5 lakhs. Computer, land phone, mobile phone and table glass were destroyed. Reports suggest that attackers showered the women staff with abuses and tried to manhandle them.
Meanwhile, the arrested NGO Union leaders are suspended from the service. They are area secretary A Asokan and district secretariat member T V Harilal.
The people in the capital city believe that the main accused are living in the city enjoying the protection of CPM, the state government and police. Janam TV had telecast the CCTV visuals of the attackers' entry into the bank. Still, police play hide and seek. On the other hand, police have been registering cases and arresting several Sabarimala devotees, including several women, almost every day, for participating in namajapa programme in protest against the Pinarayi regime's attempt to facilitate the young women's entry to Sabarimala. These two parallel situations are more than enough to establish that Kerala is under a fascist rule.