CPM’s vendetta against Ayyappa Devotees: Even two-month-old baby not spared, mother suffered bleeding in police action!
Organiser   11-Jan-2019

CM Pinarayi Vijayan's police are going on a rampage in Kerala, aimed at arresting maximum number of RSS-BJP workers in Kerala, especially in the context of the sensitive Sabarimala issue.

The latest incident is reported from Nedumangadu, Thiruvananthapuram city, not far away from the state capital city. The place has been disturbed with CPM attacks against RSS men since the last couple of weeks.

The police have been doing their best to harass the RSS workers and their family members to the maximum possible extent. The latest incident is reported from RSS worker Ratheesh's house; police has been trying to nab him since the last few days. Police raided his house on January 8. Since he was not there, the police showed its criminal nature. They were all male policemen; there was no female police constable. Still, they assaulted his wife and even the two-month-old child; she was having the post delivery rest. She suffered internal bleeding in the police action and had been taken to the hospital along with her baby.