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Fake Foreign Aid to Cover Up Failures

CPM again played out mucky politics in the flood-hit Kerala. To divert attention from the now confirmed reports that the devastation in the State could have been contained, Pinarayi Vijayan manufactured lies about foreign aid
 Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the issue whether or not to accept the UAE aid was a matter to be decided by the Centre.
Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPM and its LDF regime have invited the wrath of the people of Kerala, thanks to the way they handled the situation in the State both before and post the gravest floods, the worst experience during the last 94 years. Displacement of more than a million people, total loss of about 1,00,000 houses, total loss of entire belongings of the flooded houses, a sudden and unexpected halt to the human life in several parts of the state, loss of about 400 lives, etc. have obviously raised the mercury in the barometer of the peoples’ anger. The main reason for it is the latest confirmations from knowledgeable sources that the whole catastrophe was a human-made disaster, the poor dam management!
“The deluge that killed over 300 people, could have been contained if the dams were opened is a systematic manner. The dam releases came way too late, and it coincided with the heavy rain that was occurring”- Dr Sujay V Kumar, research scientist, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Then the CPM came out with a trick from their box. CM Pinarayi Vijayan and his party spread an utter lie that UAE Government had promised aid of Rs 700 crores for Kerala, but, PM Modi refused to accept it. There was not an iota of truth in this fabricated story except for a decision taken during the UPA regime not to accept any foreign aid when the country faces natural calamities. In this particular case, PMO had no information whatsoever about this UAE aid. Meanwhile, Ahmed Al Banna, the UAE Ambassador to Bharat told the media in New Delhi that there had been no official announcement so far from UAE on any specific amount as financial aid.

Metro man against foreign aid 
E Sreedharan, the chief adviser to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), told a Malayalam TV channel that the dam shutters could have been opened earlier sans storing water until the last moment. Sreedharan also hailed as “Metro man” added that if a country with Rs 12 lakh crore budget accepts foreign aid for overcoming the flood-related losses; it is detrimental to its prestige. He demanded the formation of a high power body for the reconstruction of the disaster-hit Kerala. The goal can be achieved within eight years from the date of the constitution of such a body. Talking about the floods, he said Bharat’s weather forecast machinery is not accurate. “People don’t believe in our forecast system, had our weather forecast been more accurate, we could have been well prepared for it.” “Bad weather forecast and lapses by the dam safety authority are the main reasons for the disaster. If the shutters of the dams were opened earlier, the disaster could have been averted; the dam shutters were opened in the last moment only,” Sreedharan added.
Since the diplomat’s disclosure put the CPM on the defensive they ran from pillar to the posts for “shelter.” CPM state secretary met media persons with the next bundle of lies: “It is RSS who prevents the PM from accepting UAE aid”!
But cat jumped out of the bag. CM himself told the media persons that he had heard the Rs 700 crore stories from MA Yousuf Ali, the proprietor of Lulu Group who runs an empire of business houses in Gulf countries as well as Bharat.
Now, the right-thinking people wonder how come a CM tell the people of his State about a foreign aid which he had heard from a businessman. He forgot that a CM had to keep decorum in this sort of matter. The leader of the ‘proletariat’ depended on the words of a ‘bourgeois capitalist’. He did not bother to check with the PMO before misguiding his subjects! Naturally, the things went out of his hand. Then his party went for the last straw. The sycophants came out with a silly question: “If there was no promise from UAE why did PM send the message to Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of UAE and rule of Dubai thanking him?” They tried to hide the fact that Lulu boss was allegedly quoting the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi whereas PM thanked the ruler of Dubai for his message of sympathy.
Epidemic Free Kerala
Seva Bharati, the RSS inspired organisation for service activities, has been deeply involved during the recent frightening days of killer floods, have called upon its workers to shoulder an ambitious initiative for a major cleaning campaign on September 1, 2018. A Vinod, Prantiya Seva Pramukh of RSS in Kerala, told this correspondent that 200,000 workers would participate in the cleaning spree titled “Pakarcha Vyadhi Thadayaam, Arogya Keralam Srushttikkam” meaning “Let us eradicate epidemics and let us create a healthy Kerala”. About 50,000 Sevabharati/RSS workers had worked for rescue operations, running the relief camps and feeding them and later cleaning the flood-affected houses during the recent disaster.
The last straw on the CPM’s camel’s back was the UAE Ambassador’s words that “they have set a national committee for aid to Kerala. The committee will work with the Bharat’s Foreign Affairs Ministry and the embassy to ensure the funds reach the needy.” Bharat’s Government has not banned the aid from individuals or charity groups abroad.
The entire episode proves that CPM plays dirty politics against BJP and the PM even during the hours of worst sort of disaster.
Devastation Could Have Been Contained
The US space agency NASA has released the before and after images of “once-in-a-century" flood in Kerala. The satellite images taken six months apart show the area surrounding the Vembanad lake, including areas in Alappuzha, Kottayam, Changanassery and Thiruvalla.
This satellite image shows the extent of flood waters after torrential rains hit Kerala in August ( NASA Earth Observatory-Lauren Dauphin ) 
The first image, captured on February 6 by the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8 satellite, shows the area before the flooding. The second image, taken on August 22 by the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellite, shows the level of flooding in those areas following heavy rainfall. The images are false-colour, which makes flood water appear dark blue. Vegetation is bright green.
The images clearly show the conditions after several rivers throughout the region spilt over their banks. Water from the Karuvannur River ran through 40 villages and washed away a 2.2 kilometre stretch of land connecting two national highways. Elevated water levels along the Periyar River displaced thousands of people.
Abnormally heavy monsoon rains drenched Southeast Asia, leading to the worst flooding in the state of Kerala since 1924. The event, which started with rains on August 8, 2018, displaced over a million people, led to hundreds of deaths, damaged over 50,000 houses throughout the region, and severely affected 13 of the 14 districts in Kerala, NASA Earth said in a report earlier.
Rainfall peaked in Kerala on July 20 and again reached abnormally high levels between August 8 and 16. Since the beginning of June, the region received 42 per cent more rainfall than normal for this period. In the first 20 days of August, the region experienced 164 per cent more rain than normal, the space agency said.
Adding that even as Kerala's August rain played a part in the nearly once-in-a-century flooding, the flooding was worsened when water was released from several full dams. Instead of gradually releasing water during drier times, authorities were forced to open 80 dams in the region, including the Idukki Dam, which is one of the largest arch dams in Asia. Thirty-five of those dams were opened for the first time.
Making of the Crisis
Last year a young and dynamic IAS officer Sreeram Venkataraman dared to evacuate the encroachers. But the Pinarayi regime saw that he was transferred. Church have made major contributions to the realm of encroachment. It is called “harvest of cross”. They plant a cross in the mountain and then comes a make-shift prayer hall which will be converted into a proper construction after a couple of years. Eventually it will become a parish church; then starts migration from other places. It denotes the death of the mountains. It has been happening in all districts with Western Ghats on their eastern border.
Cleaning activity done by RSS Swayamsevks at Thooyithara St Sebastian Church, North Paravur, Ernakulam District 
Last year when a cross was found in a mountain; the revenue officers removed it. Immediately CM Pinarayi said that the removal of the cross would hurt the religious feelings of the Christians. The Church leaders and priests were keeping mum until then and some of them even had denounced the planting of the cross. But, when the CM came out as their advocate, they also shouted on top of their voice against the revenue officers. Now, the rehabilitation is a great challenge. Around one lakh people have turned homeless overnight. Relief camps are being closed one by one.
The people who lost their house do not know where to go. About one million people had to seek shelter in the camps. They have lost their total belongings. Children lost their study materials and books. All of them do not have clothes to change. Possible epidemics pose great threat to the health of the whole state.
In every district CPM goons take the food and clothes, donated by the generous people and the NGOs to the camps, by force to their party offices. Police have taken actions against the CPM’s office hearers in several places. Some channels did telecast its visuals. Once they take the materials to their centres, they are repacked in sacks with CPM symbols and distributed to their own people. In Wynadu when the tribal inmates of the camp resisted similar CPM adventures they were beaten mercilessly. Even though CM warned against planting the flags or banners of any party in the camps, it is not applicable to his cadres.
CPM showed their true colour once again. CM felicitated the members of the fishermen community who actively participated in the rescue operations. But, he made sure that no rescue worker belonging to Bharatiya Matsya Pravarthaka Sangham, an RSS-inspired organisation, was invited.
At the end of the day, people do not have any doubt, Kerala flood is man-made, not a natural calamity. Pinarayi regime can not escape from the blame. They are responsible for the death of about 400 victims and loss of the belongings of lakhs of people amounting to thousands of crores of rupees. They should take responsibility for the catastrophe and apologise to the crores of people. They do have no moral right to stick on to the power.