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Kerala CPM MLA Accused of Rape: Brinda Karat Downplays the Crime

Rape remains a hidden crime in the CPM; the patriarchal structure of the Marxist-Leninist party is a major stumbling block in the way of a victim seeking justice
Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) Shornur MLA PK Sasi is accused of raping a woman leader. The victim is said to be a leader of CPM youth wing organisation Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI).

Shornur MLA PK Sasi 
According to reports, the CPM politburo received a complaint two weeks ago. The victim directly complained about the incident to CPM Politburo member Brinda Karat. The party has reportedly appointed a committee, including two State secretariat members, to probe the incident.
Meanwhile, civil society demands police action against the accused CPM leader and Brinda Karat for committing the serious criminal offence of not reporting the incident to the local police. Succumbing to the patriarchal institution of CPM, Mrs Karat is accused of protecting senior party leader PK Sasi. She received the complaint two weeks ago but swept it under the carpet in the pretext of party inquiry.
Many a time, CPM has challenged the law of the land by declaring party probe into such serious criminal offences committed by party leaders, denying the victims a free and fair police inquiry. Highly biased local Malayalam media have tried their level best to suppress the news for more than a week till the news spread on social media.