Nun Rape Case: Bishop Franco Sent to Two-Day Police Custody
Organiser   23-Sep-2018

The Pala Magistrate Court sent Bishop Franco, arrested for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting a nun, to police custody for two days
Bishop Franco, who was arrested for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting a nun, was produced before Pala Magistrate on September 22. His lawyers filed the bail application, but it was rejected. Court sent him  to police custody for two days. He underwent a potency test in Kottayam Medical College. He will be taken to Kuruvilangadu Monastery, the place the victim nun mentioned where Franco sexually abused her. She maintains that he spent one night there. The nuns, including the victim, will be taken out when police bring Franco there as part of evidence collection. Later on, he will be taken to a Church institution in Thodupuzha, the place he claims to have lived at during that crucial night.
Reports pour in suggesting that a lot of similar complaints have come out against Franco. They are from several states including Jalandhar in Punjab.
After the medical test in Trippunithura Taluk Hospital, on September 21, Franco was taken to Kottayam Police Club. Owing to hitherto unknown reasons, he was not taken to the Pala Magistrate. But, on the way, Franco complained about chest pain. Naturally, he was taken to Kottayam Medical College Hospital. But, the veteran doctors could not find anything wrong with his physical health condition. And this morning he was discharged from Medical College. But, before taking to the magistrate, he is taken to the district hospital for the check-up.
So, Franco plays CPM leader P. Jayarajan who develops chest pain whenever he had to go to jail in connection with the murders in Talasserry, Kannur district. Super method to buy time for plotting manipulation of the legal loopholes.
Meanwhile, CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan says, the nuns’ agitation is the part of communal forces’ designs to topple the LDF government.