Nun Rape Case: Bishop Franco Interrogated For Hours Amid High Voltage Drama
Organiser   21-Sep-2018

Bishop Franco leaves after questioning before the special investigation team of
the Kerala police, in Kochi

Bishop Franco made a dramatic entry into the interrogation centre in Trippunithrua, few kilometres off Kochi, on September 19. Even after the interrogation in Trippunithura for such a long time, that too with a questionnaire of more than 100 questions prepared very well in advance, police plays hide and seek. They are still keen to have more interrogation hence it continues on September 20. It is to be noted that Kerala Police had interrogated Franco in his Jalandhar palace for 9 hours last month. The complainant nun had given her statement before the magistrate as per Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code couple of months before. And, police still remains indecisive about the arrest of the accused. Men of common sense do not see any other justification for this lukewarm attitude other than political reasons, that is, the hesitation on the part of both ruling CPM-led LDF and Opposition Congress-led UDF. Obviously, people see blatant minority vote bank politics behind this drama.
Earlier, it was stated that interrogation would take place in Vaikkom, Kottayam district. The complainant’s monastery belongs to Kottayam. But, the police changed the venue of the interrogation to Trippunithura on 18th night. Media men were not aware of the changes and they were not privy to the information of Bishop’s arrival. At last, when the Bishop arrived, his entry to the premises as well as the offices was facilitated in such a way that the media people could hardly get any good photograph. Plain cloth policemen gave him enough support. Police still does not open up regarding the arrest plan. All right-thinking people know that the delay in the arrest will give the culprits and his team comfortable time for tampering with the evidence.
In the meantime, more and more eminent personalities throng the dharna pandal in Kochi, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram. Nuns’ protest dharna has completed 12 days. The complainant’s sister, who was on hunger strike, has been taken to the hospital due to deteriorating health. But, social activists still continue the hunger strike.
Now, people look forward to the police’s final decision – Arrest or not to arrest!