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Organiser   17-Sep-2018
9/11 Vs 9/11
Apropos the cover story (Which 9/11?), Organiser, September 16, 2018 righty differentiates between the two 9/11s. It was a much-needed angle to the date, and is significant since Ramkrishna Mission has been celebrating 9/11 as ‘Universal Brotherhood Day’ since 2001. It is remarkable to ask which 9/11 must be imbibed and embraced by the humanity. The message of Swami Vivekananda, which appealed for a universal brotherhood, must always be kept ahead of the divisive Islamic brotherhood. We hope that the way in which Islamic Jihadis tarnished 9/11 in 2001 will again be won back by the message of peace and harmony propagated by Hindutva.
Nirmal Verma, Kanpur

The Cover Story (Swami Vivekananda or Osama?), Organiser, September 16, 2018, raises a very pertinent question. It rightly suggests that the legacy of 9/11 is twin-fold! The recent one represented by the US and Islamic terror is one of violence and ‘clash of civilisation’. The other 9/11 represented by the spirit of Swami Vivekananda consolidates the message of harmony.
Sri Narayana, Madurai
Vivekananda’s Message
Apropos the editorial (Recontextualising Vivekananda’s Message), Organiser, September 16, 2018, has beautifully contextualised Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago address delivered in the Parliament of World’s Religion for the present. It has rightly suggested that the obvious corollary to the idea of universal acceptance is ‘universal brotherhood’. It was interesting to learn that Swami ji narrated a story called ‘Frog in the Well’, where a frog believes that nothing can be bigger than his well and therefore, he ensures the ouster of a frog coming from the sea. It is simply true for all the close-minded ideologies and religions, like Islam, Christianity and Communism, who simply don’t appreciate and accommodate any disagreements.
Fakir Mohan Pradhan, Sambalpur
Follow Ambedkar
Apropos (Realising Ambedkar’s Dream), Organiser August 26, 2018, the author has rightly stated that Congress has always strived to divide the OBCs and also pit against other Hindu castes, especially the Scheduled Castes and Tribes. Dr Ambedkar always kept Muslims away from his activities so much so that he advised for “Exchange of Population” after creation of Pakistan, which he rightly considered good for the country. On page 104 of his book Pakistan or the Partition of India, he states that the only way to make Hindustan homogeneous is to arrange Exchange of Population. Until that is done it must be admitted that with creation of Pakistan, the problem of majority vs minority will continue. Since Congress-Gandhi-Nehru ignored the sane advice of Dr Amebdkar, we have been put to great problems created by the Muslims. Anand Prakash, Panchkula
Invisible Enemies
Apropos the article (‘The Monster of Maoism’), Organiser, September 16, 2018, brings out an in-detail analysis on the growing dangers of the Urban Naxals. It has rightly pointed out that the so-called liberals have succumbed to the Naxal pressure and work as their ‘frontal organisation’. The Urban Naxals have now become the ‘invisible enemies’ of Bharat.
Asha Bharti, Delhi
CPM’s Double Standard
Apropos the report (‘Hushing up Sex Scandals), Organiser, September 16, 2018, has incisively exposed the hypocrisy and double standards of the CPM. It is true that from Sitaram Yechury to Brinda Karat and CPM, the State leadership is mum over the sexual abuse of the DYFI leader by CPM MLA PK Shashi. This episode underlines, yet again, that whereas this grave issue is much shouted for by the Communists when rot is outside their party, they prefer silence when they are found with the same guilt.
MM Jacob, Palakkad
Naxalism is Tool of Extortion
Apropos the cover story (‘Uncivil Activism’ Under Scanner), Organiser, September 9, 2018 the Naxalism has indeed become a tool of loot and extortion. These people are against development because wherever development takes place, they lose their supply line. It is on the strength of this money that the Naxal leaders and their sympathisers live a lavish life and travel in business class. After the NDA government came to power, the supply line of the Naxals has slowly been cut. Thus, the Naxals are desperate and this desperation is seen in frequent strikes in Maharashtra and BJP-ruled states.
VS Lakshminarayana, Bengaluru