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Organiser   11-Sep-2018
Immature & Illogical
Apropos (Lecture Series to convey RSS Perspective) Organiser, September 9, 2018, since the Congress president Rahul Gandhi always wears black glasses, he sees black on all sides. Sometimes, he sees terrorists in the Sangh Shakhas, while sometimes he compares the RSS with the terrorist outfits like the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. It seems the impact of foreign race still dominates him. He criticises the RSS and its Shakhas, but he does not know that the great leader and former Prime Minister of India Atal Behari Vajpayee, present Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has given new direction to Bharat, and the President of India Shri Ramnath Kovind and countless other patriots and visionaries have been prepared by the RSS and its Shakha only. Near about two lakh service projects are run throughout the country by the RSS volunteers. But Rahul Gandhi is not able to make a difference between the white and black due to the wrong glasses that he wears. He has never raised fingers on the supporters of terrorism. He and his political advisors should issue statements with logic because such illogical statements only prove their immaturity.
Sunil Kumar Singh, Meerut

Once again the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has exhibited bankruptcy of wisdom by comparing the RSS with the Muslim Brotherhood during his recent foreign tour. He has, however, attained puberty, but he seems to be immature following his childish behaviour displayed in Lok Sabha when he embraced the PM and made objectionable statements. Charges against patriotic organisations have boomeranged and made him a laughing stock. I feel such opponents of the RSS and the BJP are their good propagators, as the countrymen understand everything and they will pay back in a befitting manner.
Sridhar V. Kulkarni,
Kalyan West
Tallest Leader Atalji
I had the good luck of directly meeting Atalji, the tallest leader of not only the BJP but of Bharat. I had one to one conversation with him for a few minutes at BJP headquarters, Ashoka Road, on January 27, 1988. It so happened that I went to meet Shri LK Advani with prior appointment and to have a detailed discussion on an issue. After sometime Atalji also arrived in his room. Being very much impressed by the issue, Advaniji immediately took me to Atalji’s room and after introducing me to him he returned. Atal ji was in a very happy mood. I started telling him about the issue. He said there was no difference between him and Advaniji. If you have discussed with him, it means, you have discussed with me also. Then with a joke, he enquired if I had celebrated and enjoyed Republic Day, yesterday. I said it was not an auspicious day, as our homeland was converted into a dharmashala on this day. He was happy with this reply and told me that I had very lofty ideas and should propagate them widely.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula
Habitual Tailing
The reported decision of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) that it would fight the next general elections in Andhra Pradesh in alliance with the Jana Sena of the actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan is illustrative of its increasing irrelevance and unprincipled electoral politics. By now, it has conducted itself as a tail of almost all parties excepting the Sonia–Rahul Congress. It was with TDP and even with the Jana Sangh in 1967 in some states and with the BJP during the United Front Government and with the Janata Dal government during 1989 -‘98. Recently, it became part of a 27-party Bahujana Left Front in Telangana. Never has it been getting more than about 2% of the popular vote. It should introspect as to why even though the Communist Party in India was founded at about the same time as the RSS, it has not progressed and gained the confidence of the people, while the RSS delivered Jana Sangh and the BJP have become the ruling parties in several states and the Centre since long years. It is the in-Indianness that seems to be the main reason for its increasing irrelevance. Dr T.H. Chowdary, Secunderabad
Apropos (My 50 years with Atalji), Organiser, September 2, 2018, Atal ji’s death is a loss not only to the BJP and RSS, but also to the entire country. He was very witty and friendly with the Sikhs and Punjab. When he was the Prime Minister, a delegation from Haryana went to see him about the SYL canal on Maghi Day. The delegation told him, “It is good to donate water on Maghi Day. So, Pandit ji donate water to Haryana on Maghi Day by building the SYL.” Atal ji replied, “Don’t put me into the dilemma by demanding the SYL. I can’t involve myself in this fight that has been going on for the last 50 years.”
Amar Jit Singh Goraya, Australia