Hafiz Saeed Rooted Out

Apropos (Democracy Loses, Army Wins Again…) Organiser, August 5, 2018, the election-results in Pakistan are strictly in accordance with the pre-poll predictions. In the wake of hung Parliament the Pak army is managing support for seating its favourite on the post of Prime Minister so that he can dance to its tune. However satisfying point is that neither the people of Pakistan nor the kingmaker army gave any support to notorious Hafiz Saeed when the party supported by him was totally rooted out in the elections. This is also a fact that many Pakistanis do not like Imran Khan because of his personal controversial life-style with several broken marriages. Under these circumstances, probable crowning of Imran Khan as next Prime Minister of Pakistan may not in any way change Pakistan’s policy towards Bharat. However, the Indian Government should keep a vigilant eye on the Hindu minorities in Pakistan under new regime.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi
The Cardinal Sins
Apropos the cover story (The Cardinal Sins), Organiser, August 5, 2018, Robert Rosario and Sankrant Sanu rightly bring out the various unchristian abuses being committed by the Church. I appreciate the maturity of the writers who have reasonably indicted Church for the crimes and pointed out how they are distorting the teachings of Jesus. We must make a plea that the Church and Christians must be assessed with different lenses now. The larger Christian faith is not represented by the Church.
Jolly Abraham, Cochin
The article in cover story (Abuse is the Norm), Organiser, August 5, 2018, has brilliantly presented various informations regarding the sexual abuse by various priests inside the Church. The amount of compensation paid by the Church in settling such abuse cases came as a shock. The article rightly termed the expose of ‘Missionaries of Charity’ as ‘the baby-selling bazaar’. The organisation opened by Mother Teresa is a result of her hypocrisy.
Abhishek Varman, Bengaluru
Tharoor’s Hinduphobia
 Apropos the article (Worshipping Dogmatic Tormentors), Organiser, August 5, 2018, has incisively exposed and torn apart the hypocrisy of Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. On the one hand, he writes books like ‘Why I am a Hindu’, and on the other hand he disrespects the tradition of toleration and acceptance followed by the Hindus. His ‘Hindu Pakistan’ comment exposed his contradictions which have been elaborated in the article.
Smita Mishra,
Crimes Against Hindus
Apropos (Love Jehadi: New Variant), Organiser July 22, 2018, the wedding by a 35 year old Mulsim with a 17 year old Hindu girl with deceit exposes the Mulsim mindset. All Muslim leaders and the secular brigade led by Congress are spoiling the image of India by making hue and cry of Hindu Taliban and telling our enemies that Muslims in Bharat are in trouble and feel insecure. The fact is that Muslims are indulging in maximum crimes, including the type of crimes specifically directed against Hindus as mentioend in this write-up.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula
 My questions are directed to almost all the opposition leaders. One, are the stoning incidents in Kashmir not examples of lynching? Two, was not burning of 58 Ram-bhaktas in Sabarmati Express near Godhra in 2002 an incident of lynching? Three, are not attacks on cow-protectors by cow-smugglers/slaughterers lynching? If answers to these questions are in affirmative, which logically and judiciously they should be, then which one secular opposition leader has ever condemned these cases of lynching?
Ajay Mittal, Meerut
Islamic School in UP
 Primary school is a place where the foundation of a child is laid. The reports of converting some government schools into Islamic schools in several districts of Uttar Pradesh like Deoria, Gorakhpur and Maharajganj are disturbing. These schools now do not teach on Fridays. Conversion of the government schools into the Madrasas seems part of a big conspiracy. Now they prohibit singing of Vandemataram, tomorrow they will put up photograph of Jinnah in these schools.
Sunil Kumar Singh, Meerut