Revisiting Kargil

Apropos the cover story (Revisiting Kargil), Organiser, July 29, 2018, the articles by General (Retd) VP Malik and Maj Gen (Retd) Dhruv C Katoch have come up with timely reminders that the occasion like Kargil Vijay Diwas should also be the occasion to take stock of the recommendations of K Subramanyam Committee Report. General (Retd) VP Malik has rightly suggested that the Kargil War was not the first time when Pakistan initiated a war, and we must not assume that it would be the last time.
The third article in the cover story by veteran journalist Nitin A Gokhale was also a timely intervention on the role and responsibility of media during the wartime. Recently, during the surgical strike, we saw certain news channels reporting irresponsibly. The Government should drive the engagement of media for the national interest during the wartime and military operations, and the Armed Forces must contemplate upon bringing some regulations regarding the same.
Suraj Kumar Dubey, Varanasi
The Pathology of Hindu Hatred
Apropos the Editorial (The Pathology of Hindu Hatred), Organiser, July 29, 2018, rightly identifies and analyses the historical forces and actors which laid down the groundwork for Hindu phobia. The trio of Mill, Marx, and Macaulay still talk to us and very much assert their narrow-mindedness about the Hindu civilisation through their anglicised and Abharatiya acolytes whom we now popularly refer to as Lutyen’s Intellectuals. These same intellectuals go on to write the books like Why I am a Hindu, while simultaneously declaring this land of Bharat which has values of acceptance, harmony, peace, non-violence, and compassion as ‘Hindu Pakistan.’ The editorial incisively tears open the hypocrisy of these shallow intellectuals when it rightly questions their attitude and chosen silence over theocracy in the name of ‘Sharia Law’ or ‘Church Rule.’
M Raghava Reddy, Visakhapatnam
Sharia Court

Apropos, the cover story (The Hammer of Injustices), Organiser issue dated July 22, 2018, the Muslim community is under tight control of male domination. If we see everything, say triple talaq, polygamy, Halala, or even Sharia Court, all have favoured their males and giving gross injustice to their females. That is why the AIMPLB is crying for Muslims court, which is nothing but having male domination. I am shocked that even a literate ex-Vice President of India Mohammad Hamid Ansari is also backing the Sharia Courts. Now it is right time that the Centre must promulgate Uniform Civil Code and ban triple talaq, polygamy, Halala, and Sharia Court. If this happens, then only we can say we are really secular otherwise we are not secular. Unfortunately, by cunny way the Congress, communists, and the left liberals and journalists and media who have soft corner for communist ideology have given different meaning to ‘secular’ and are befooling people all the way and hiding real meaning of secular. 
VS Lakshminarayana, Bengaluru
Saffron Means Sewa
Apropos the article (Feeding People for 150 years), Organiser, July 29, 2018, and the whole package under the title ‘Saffron Means Sewa,’ the writers have rightly come up with the real meaning and intent of the saffron in Bharatiya civilisation. It has been argued and shown through the acts of sewa by various temple trusts that saffron is the colour of connection, a sense of community, belonging and social aspects of being. Saffron truly represents the spirit of ‘Being Hindu’.
Chitra Awasthi, Bhopal
Irresponsible Congress
The way Congress president irresponsibly behaved on July 21 in the Lok Sabha during no-confidence motion against the government including shocking hug to the Prime Minister followed by an eye-whisper, has made it certain that present ruling party at the Centre may sweep forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Congress may even create a record of maximum loss of security-deposits under present immature leadership, which is unlikely to be changed by its patron (former party president) under dynastic tradition of the party. After all politics is also a family-industry for parties following dynastic traditions where power is to be compulsorily transferred to next family-heir irrespective of his/her capability. With the people already fed up by corrupt practices of most regional parties where also dynastic politics is tradition, voters have no choice other than to vote for present ruling party at the Centre.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi