Social Media Come to the Rescue of Manipuri Kid in Bengaluru
Organiser   02-Aug-2018
A campaign #SaveRachel was launched by Girish, an RSS swayamsevak, on Social media, and a fundraiser project was started on, a crowd-funding platform

Baby Rachel, all of 10 months was diagnosed with fluid in lungs and a surgery was imminent so that she lives. Rachel was admitted to Manipal Hospital in Bengaluru. Her mother Mayori is a orphan and a widow who hailed from a poor background. She had come to Bengaluru few weeks ago in search of work. Unfortunately baby Rachel developed lung problems and required immediate surgery which would cost 1.45 Lakh Rupees. Hailing from a poor background, it was a astronomical amount for the poor mother.
As soon as Girish Alva, a RSS Swayamsevak and a social media activist, came to know about the case through a relative, he and his friends started a social media campaign to help Rachel. A campaign #SaveRachel was launched by Girish and his team on Social media and a fundraiser project was started on, a crowd-funding platform. Many like minded people pitched in and within a day more than 50,000 was reached. But as time was running out, they were still short of the required funds.
On 29th, at around 10 AM Chief Minister of Manipur Shri. Biren Singh took note of the campaign on Twitter and requested Girish to get in touch with his team. Manipur CM immediately donated Rs. 30 K for the kids surgery. It gave the much required fillip to the campaign. A further 20 K was pitched in by Manipal Hospitals for the cause. Within the next few hours many more joined the campaign and donated for the cause. People from Manipur working in Bengaluru came together and pitched in. By the end of 29th, the campaign had raised more than the required funds. The quick response of CM of Manipur is an act other politicians can emulate.
Rachel’s operation was conducted the following day and was a success. She was discharged on 31st and is in good health now.
“We have also requested the CMO of Manipur to help the mother an baby settle in Manipur and support them. The CMO responded positively and has promised to help Mayori settle as soon as they reach Imphal. They are flying to Imphal this week”, says a beaming Girish who spread-headed the campaign to save Rachel.
“People irrespective of caste, creed or religion pitched in for the campaign and this shows that we all can come together for a noble cause”, says Girish. When asked about the impact of social media, he says “SM has amazing potential. Let"s try our best to use it for helping people & the nation!”Girish was also instrumental in the success of the #GiveUpAMeal campaign that aimed at protection of cow and was launched by Shri Ramachandrapura Matha. The campaign had generated funds to feed cows at MM Hills and other areas in Karnataka. Thousands had joined and donated for the cause.