NRC in Assam

Apropos (Defending the Illegal) Organiser, August 12, 2018, the long standing agitation of Assamese stands justified by the fact that four million illegal migrants are not finding a place in the NRC. The actual number may be even more. The right thing to do now is to allow the Hindus as citizens of India, because India is the sole homeland for the Hindus terrorised and subjected to ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh (30% reduced to 7%) and Pakistan (17% to 1%). The migrants may be disenfranchised immediately and sent to camps and ultimately to their country of origin. India cannot be a limitless sink for foreigners to overwhelm this country.
Dr TH Chowdary, Secunderabad

It is significant that demography has drastically changed because of the illegal migrants in the states like Assam and West Bengal bordering Bangladesh. Hence, a massive exercise of NRC should be undertaken in West Bengal also. Steps should be taken to send all the illegal migrants back to Bangladesh or the country of their origin. Even Bangladesh managed to send Rohingyas back to Myanmar. The Central Government should take urgent steps to send the Rohingyas back to Myanmar. The illegal migrants not only utilise much of our resources but are even notorious for committing crimes of every type.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi
Politics of Protecting the Illegality
THE editorial (Politics of Protecting the Illegality), Organiser, August 12, 2018, rightly states that the illegal immigrants have been treated as a solid vote-bank by parties like the Congress, Communists and Trinamool Congress. Anyone who is well acquainted with the developments on this issue knows that NRC in Assam is a culmination of the Assam Accord (1985) which the Congress Government under Rajiv Gandhi materialised. We also know that the Congress party in its earlier manifestos has been pretty vocal on driving out the illegal immigrants from the State. Then, what explains their flip-flops on the issue if not their petty politics? It is purely an issue of safeguarding the citizenship laws of the country.
Sanjoy Hazarika, Dispur
Sins of the Pastors
Apropos (The Cardinal Sins), Organiser, August 5, 2018, the Catholic Churches in Kerala are often in the news for unholy acts of their pastors who have sexually assaulted the nuns. A nun who served the church for 40 years has expressed her anguish about the extreme pain she had to endure during her tenure with the congregation: physical and psychological oppression, sexual permissiveness and abuse prevalent among some of the nuns and priests, and the harassment she faced for sticking to her values and commitment to service. There was lot of humiliation. Those nuns who didn’t oblige the priests were always in trouble. Some think that the oath of discipline that donning of nun"s dress is prima facie to yield to desires of Bosses meekly. The halo around the Christian clergy is fading as a nun filed a police complaint in Kottayam alleging sexual abuse by a Bishop.
S Seetharam Basaani,
Punish the Killers of Afghanistan

Apropos (RSS Condemns Attack on Hindus in Afghanistan), Organiser, July 15, 2018, Afghanistan is an Islamic country where population of Hindus and Sikhs has been reduced from 80,000 to just one thousand in the last 50 years. Status of Hindus is not going to change in any Islamic country. There is generally no punishment if a Muslim kills an innocent Hindu or non-Muslim as Islamic law does not consider it a crime to kill a Kafir. Or there may be very mild punishment to befool the world. Ten lakh Hindus and Sikhs were slaughtered in West Pakistan during 1947-48, and another 30 lakh were killed in East Pakistan/Bangladesh. Even Indian government did not object to that genocide of Hindus. Let us hope the present Government of India would force the Government of Afghanistan to identity and give death penalty to the criminals. 

Anand Prakash, Panchkula
Hanamkonda, Telangana
In Australia, a Royal Commission was formed to inquire into the misuse of kids by the Catholic priests. The Commission found so many priests guilty. George Pell (Sydney), who is topmost Catholic priest in Australia and is third in Catholic hierarchy in Rome, was tried and found guilty. So many kids misused by the priests remain upset throughout their lives. When they become mentally upset they confess loudly that they were sexually abused by the priests. To avoid this evil the Pope was asked that the Catholic priests should be allowed to marry. But the Pope is in no mood to allow it. Some years ago a movie was produced on the life of Jesus. It was based on the novel of a British author. In the movie it was stressed that Christ did not die at crucifixion. But he lived many years after the crucifixion. He married and had children after crucifixion. The Christians in the West tolerated the movie. The largest circulated Australian daily ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ wrote: "Even though Christ did not die by crucifixion and married and had children even then he was a great man." But the Christians in India broke the glasses of cinema halls and did not allow the movie to be screened.
AmarJit Singh Goraya, Australia
Nationalising Tribal’s Day
Apropos the article (Text, Pretext and Context), Organiser, August 12, 2018, it is a fact that all Indians have been living together on this sub-continent since the advent of history, and in that way, every Indian is indigenous! It must be now highlighted that there should be a national tribals’ day, which is our own, coloured in our cultural past and experiences and which draws experience and its name in celebrating our tribal heroes. Our icons like Birsa Munda should be associated with the nationalisation of this day. As Indians, we must demand that birth of tribal leaders like Birsa Munda should be celebrated as National Tribals’ Day. Doing this will clear the confusion over the abuse of categories like tribals, indigenous, and aboriginals.
Arjun Munda, Ranchi
Amethi Suffers Because of Gandhis
Apropos the article (Development Deficit in Family Bastion), Organiser, August 12, 2018, has brought many significant pointers from the ground which expose the sorry state of affairs in Amethi. It is a fact that the constituency has sent four members of the Nehru-Gandhi bloodline, namely Sanjay, Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to Lok Sabha. We can call it a VVIP constituency; however, this never helped the people of Amethi to experience any development. It was shocking to find out that there are no engineering and medical colleges.
Manoharlal Sharma, Lucknow