Flood Fury in Kerala: Swayamsevaks Rush to the Rescue
Organiser   16-Aug-2018

Kerala which is reeling under the monsoon rain fury, has witnessed a trail of destruction and loss of lives over the last one week. As per the Home Ministry, 178 people have lost their lives in the state due to spate. More than 25 people have been reported to be missing. 14 districts of Kerala have been affected by the deluge and incessant rains. 4 NDRF teams have been pressed into service in Kerala alone. The districts of Wayanad, Idukki, Alapuzzha have been the worst affected.

The government agencies too have been working round the clock to provide relief to the affected people. Shelter camps and food distribution points have been set up at hundreds of places. In Wayanad alone, the district administration has set-up 160 camps, and around 13000 people have been provided shelter in these camps.
Swayamsevaks of the RSS and allied organisations have been part of rescue and relief operations in all the affected districts. Sevabharathi has been actively involved in rescuing people to relief camps and alternate shelter homes for the initial few days. Now, the volunteers of Seva Bharati are focussing on relief activities in the more affected areas.

In Wayanad district, Swayamsevaks from neighbouring districts too joined the relief activities. Kottathara and Panavaram Panchayats in the Mananthavadi Municipality were the most affected. Hundreds of houses were inundated and the Swayamsevaks were pressed into service to remove water, clean the houses and wells too.
RSS Wayanad Zilla Karyavaha Rajeesh M informs, Many people are in isolated areas and stranded and couldn"t even reach the relief camps. Our Swayamsevaks are reaching out to such people and are distributing necessary items and food kits to them . Swayamsevaks are also collecting food grains and dress materials from neighbouring states and effectively distributing it, he informs.
In Alapuzzha, another district which was heavily inundated and saw a huge loss of life and property, the district administration has set up 300 relief camps. Alapuzzha has been under monsoon duress since early July. 160 camps have been running in one Kainakiri Panchayat itself. Other badly affected areas in the district are Champakulam, Pulikkunnu, Mutter, Kavalam, Needumudi Panchayats.

Seva Bharati has set up 26 relief camps in Alapuzzha. Medical camps have been set up in all panchayats of the district.
RSS Zilla Karyavaha A V Shiju informs, Swayamsevaks are involved in cleaning-up activities and in providing relief to the affected populace. We have already distributed thousands of food packets and medical kits to the affected people. We are planning to distribute food kits to 25000 people on 20th of this month .
The Swayamsevaks are also working together with the government relief agencies to extend much-needed assistance in identifying the affected, bring them to relief camps and in providing immediate medical aid.
Kerala which is witnessing one of its worst monsoon periods in many decades. ANI has reported that nearly 20,000 houses and 10,000 kilometres of state roads have been damaged. The state government has estimated a loss of over Rs. 8,000 crores. With monsoon expected to continue unabated for the next few days, government agencies, RSS Swayamsevaks and organisations like Sevabharati are vigilant and ready to offer any help to the affected.
(Inputs from Sanju Sadanandan)