Locate Locally, Teach Globally
Organiser   11-Aug-2018
Gyanarthi Media College (GMC) in Uttarakhand is setting up an example that quality education imparting institutions can be established locally, so that students may not have to migrate to other States
- Organiser Bureau 

People are migrating from one place to another; from village to city; from rural to urban, to seek employment opportunities and personal growth. The lack of quality education may create hindrance to fulfill such growth-oriented needs. Therefore, it is an integral role of the college to provide quality based professional education. However, lack of such educational institutions locally push students towards centres and capital cities like New Delhi for better opportunities in quality education.
However, if fine institutions are at one’s disposal locally, students live near their homes and see their career blooming in front of them. Gyanarthi Media College (GMC) in Uttarakhand is one such institution. It imparts education in the field of design, arts & communication, & provides the Graduate and Postgraduate degrees in professional courses like Journalism, Animation, Fashion and Fine arts. They provide the best education in respective fields with specific subject expert educators, who help students to discover their potentials and fit themselves as per the requirement of the industry.
Leading by Example
“Setting up a new venture requires a great dedication and investment which needs a lot of valuable time, efforts and resources. It deserves lots of encouragement from the Kumaun University for undertaking such a bold venture. Sudama Lal Education Society provides value-based, industry-oriented education in the field of communication and design. I would like to give credit to my daughter Shivani for the hard work undertaken by her. Ms. Pratima Singh was equally involved in the efforts to make it a success. In today’s competitive world, it is significant to walk hand in hand with the industry to fulfill the demands of clients or end users. Therefore, we educate our students to enable them to face such challenges in the future where they would get well placed in their area of expertise. We believe, good education to our children will make them good citizens for future, which will ultimately make a better-disciplined society.”.
A student of the college Akash Suyal (BJMC, 2nd Year) informs that, “Joining Gyanarthi Media College as a Journalism student was a transformational experience for me as I found a deeper connection with my major subjects. The College facilitated me to conduct research in the Mass Communication field, and later it became an amazing journey.”
A female student Pratibha Singh (B.Sc in Fashion Designing, 2nd Year) states that “My goals were always on the path of achieving the career in Fashion. GMC provides me the Fashion centric learning in terms of design, building technical skills and enhancing my creative abilities. This is an amazing college. I love it.”

“Society is changing and new needs are developing; the whole neighborhood is changing. So it is core responsibility for educators to encourage and educate the students for these changing scenarios. Industry looks at innovation as the latest trends, without innovation, the industry will perish. Our goal is to train our students who can think in new directions. Students must learn to adapt to the changing environment and culture”
 — Shivani Mehrotra (Secretary, GMC)
Redefining Professional Education
Professional education is not simply, reading books or attending lectures. There are different other ways to train students and import quality based education. Also, one cannot neglect the fast-paced changing technologies and economies of the globe. Therefore, along with the development of intellectual and creative skills of the students, the professional caliber & moral ethics are also equally significant for the growth of the students, wherein the students get the right kind of training for developing their personality to become industry experts and better citizens.
To bestow this pedagogical knowledge, a theme based or subject-specific education is essential, especially for particular activities. The educators at the college come from various backgrounds and they bring out that level of specialised education which conveys the richness of vision and attitude towards all-round development and education of the students. Therefore, whichever modules/lectures they teach whether they are designed for fashion or animation, role & significance of communication in different sectors, environmental activity or cultural activity, they come with an understanding of all knowledge that can be brought to educate the students in all fields.
“Technology is invading and moving forward at an enormous speed; everything can be digitised and modified. Today, people are adopting new lifestyles, which change on an everyday basis. So it is an important task for an educator to make students versatile enough in their approach in order to cope up with such changing scenarios and therefore, we train our students to face such challenges”
— Pratima Singh (Institutional Head, GMC)
Best Infrastructure
It is likely that the growth and development of students’ caliber need to facilitate with appropriate working ambiance within the Campus. The campus is centrally located in the heart of the Kashipur city and is equipped with excellent infrastructure facilities with AC classrooms, High-tech Computer Labs, Workshop Rooms, Sports Ground, Library, modern canteen area and so on. All these facilities provide ambience to the students with multiple extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. It bestows them productive and leisure moments to accomplish their ambition.
A student Sonali Guniya; (BJMC 3rd Year) states that “Apart from having dynamic faculties and well-resourced labs, one of the most rewarding features of the Graduate Programme is the student-centric, interdisciplinary education.”
Today’s education has become very expensive, the multitude of children of today have been deprived of this. Keeping this expensive educational system in mind, the fees are reasonable without compromising on the quality of education. They also grant the Merit Scholarship to their students as well as specific fees relief to female students. Apart from this they also provide 100% placements to their students depending on their caliber. Their motto is “With a Degree, We give you a Career” which is a commitment since the inception of our college.