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Infidelity and Treachery

Infidelity and Treachery

Apropos the Editorial (Ghoris can be dealt with, Beware of the Jaichands!), Organiser, July 8, 2018, it is rightly argued that when it comes to defend the nation, all the countrymen irrespective of their political affiliations or other differences should be one truly following the tradition of ‘Vayam Panchadhikam Shatam’. But such expectations should be made only from those for whom the nation is first. History has witnessed that both the Congress and the left parties have been guided from the foreign soils and they have caused huge damage to the country. Sooner they draw a lesson from the rejection by people of India in their strongholds, better it will be for their political future in India.

Sarvesh Tiwari,


Rahul and Mahatma Gandhi

Apropos the Editorial (Rahul Gandhi-Be a True Gandhian), Organiser, dated June 24, 2018, Rahul is indeed a True Gandhian, the follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He may not be so expert in speaking lies, as Mahatma Gandhi was. Although, the Mahatma was in the habit of speaking lies and lies, but I would mention only one incident to prove it. Gandhiji said “cow protection is the gift of Hinduism to the world and Hinduism will live so long as there are Hindus to protect the cows…The cow protection, which can bring one Moksha (salvation) must, from its very nature, include the protection of everything that feels…” Soon after the Independence on August 15, 1947 when lakhs of letters and telegrams were sent to Gandhiji for banning cow slaughter, he castigated the Hindus saying that cow slaughter cannot be stopped by letters and telegrams, as ban on

cow slaughter will mean injustice to

the Muslims.

Anand Prakash,


A Soft Power

Apropos the Cover Story (Yogic Celebration), Organiser, July 1, 2018 the late Paul Brunton, the eminent British author of Delightful Spiritual Travelogues, writes in his classic A Search in Secret India that once when he was complaining about the twisting and turning of the body performed during yoga-asanas, he was told by a Tamil Yogi: “..There are many nerve-centres scattered throughout the body, and each posture affects a different centre. Through the nerves we can influence either the organs of the body or the thoughts in the brain. Those twists enable us to reach nerve-centres, which otherwise might remain untouched.” I think this briefly sums up the unique significance of the Yoga!

CV Krishna Manoj,


Amendment in Income Tax Act

Apropos the Cover Story (One Year of Gross Saving Tax), Organiser, July 8, 2018, the half-century old Income Tax Act, 1961 has lots of patch-works in form of amendments. Hence, the new Income Tax Act should be drafted carefully on the basis of past experience so that the amendments might not be usually needed. It should be practical rather than complicated and cumbersome unlike GST finding so many changes in just four months of implementation. The SIT set up by the SC on aspect of black money in its third report pointed out towards irregularities detected in the name of ‘donations’, ‘charity’ and other such contributions. Best is to abolish altogether provisions under various sections of the Income Tax Act for any type of contribution made to anybody.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal,

New Delhi

TTD Affairs

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) and concerned government officers say that the Aagama Sastras don’t permit the showing of diamonds and other ornaments of Lord Venkateswara to the public. They say that the Members of the TTD Board have seen them and are satisfied that there had not been any loss. Do the members of the TTD Board have special and divine qualifications as distinct from the public so that the Aagamas allow them to see and verify the Lord’s ornaments? Public is aware of the likes of Chairman and members of the TTD Board who were excise contractors and hoarders of black money and ex-Naxalites and atheists. Instead of trying to mislead the public and obfuscate the issue it is wise to ask the CBI to inquire into the different allegations made by different people.

Dr TH Chowdary, Secunderabad