Nizami Diktat

 Swami Paripoornananda seems to have been a target for the Telangana Government for some time as he has been regularly raising his voice against anti-Hindu activities
It seems as though the rule of the Nizam has returned to Telangana. Renowned Hindu saint and a prominent pro-Hindu voice in both the Telugu states, Swami Paripoornananda has been banished from entering Hyderabad for 6 months by the K Chandrashekar Rao Government. This comes after the Commissioner of Police of Hyderabad charged him with indulging in anti-social activities and making provocative speeches. This act of externing a prominent saint from a city is seen as an anti-Hindu act of the KCR Government as many like the Owaisi’s and Kancha Illaiah’s who spew venom against Hindus everyday continue to enjoy the support of the government and have not once been reprimanded or charged with spoiling the social harmony.
People hit the streets in support of Swami Paripoornananda and against his externment from Telangana
Swami Paripoornananda seems to have been a target for the Telangana Government for sometime as he has been regularly rising his voice against anti-Hindu activities happening in the State. Swami Paripoornananda successfully protested against demolition of Hanuman Mandir adjacent to Charminar. He was also instrumental in protesting against demolition of 1000 Pillar temple in Tirumala. He has also been active in awakening and organising Hindus in the two Telugu states by making them aware of the threats they are facing. He has taken up the task of freeing temples from illegal government control and has also called the bluff of the government on various schemes meant only for the minorities.
A Movement to Support Swamiji Concerned over the treatment meted out to Swami Paripoornanada by the Telangana Government, people of social media have started a public movement in support of Swamiji. The movement #ISupportSwamiParipoornananda has been trending on social networking sites. Many prominent political leaders cutting across party lines, actors and public figures have extended their support for the movement and have condemned the treatment of the Swamiji. Famous Telugu actor Naga Babu has openly condemned the act and has asked Hindus to unite through his appeals.
The latest controversy over a TV debate and the Ram Raksha Yatra planned by the Swamiji just came in handy for the government to act against him and seek vengeance.
How it All Planned Out
The so-called secular media channels in the State have been a platform for self-proclaimed progressives who abuse Hindu gods, beliefs and practices almost every day in the name of debates. In one such debate on TV9, which has conspicuously been chosening subjects targeting Hindu practices, a loud mouthed film critic literally abused Lord Ram and Sita. Protests erupted in Hyderabad and other places against him and the channel which aired his views. The VHP DGP of Andhra registered a complaint against TV9 and the film critic for hurting the sentiments of Hindus. VHP’s complaint categorically stated that action should be taken against all such media outlets which wantonly hurt Hindu sentiments.

Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subramanian Swamy wrote to expressing his objection over the Externment of Swami Paripoornanda from Telangana State  
A couple of days later, Swamiji decided to take out a ‘Ram Nama Sankeerthana Yatra’ to sanctify the name of Bhagwan Ram who had been abused by many self-proclaimed progressives. Permission from the police was duly sought before the yatra was to commence. A press conference was addressed by Swamiji who conveyed his intent of the yatra. However, on the day the yatra was to begin but the police cancelled the permission for the yatra. The police that was quite inactive and indifferent about VHP’s complaint against those who disturb harmony in the society for days, cancelled the permission without prior information. At the same time, the rabble-rouser Kathi Mahesh was ordered to be banned from Hyderabad for 6 months. This was just an eye-wash to target Swamiji says VHP.
“The Yatra was also to serve as another awakening call to the Hindus over the recent spurt in anti-Hindu activities and statements against Hindu gods in the state. The yatra was to also discuss national issues and issues affecting Hindu society. The society became aware of the issues raised by Swami ji and people wanted to come and join his yatra in large numbers. All Sangh parivar organisations had also extended their complete support to the yatra”, tells VHP Telangana’s spokesperson Shri Ravinuthula Shashidhara.
“We had promised that that the yatra would be peaceful. It was not at all against the government or the administration. Yet seeing the public mood and overwhelming support, the government deemed it as a political issue, saw Swamiji as a threat to it and cancelled the permission”, charged the VHP Spokesperson.
Ill-treatment of Swamiji
The government which did not seem to be content with cancelling the permission of the yatra, put him under house arrest. No reasons were given!Shashidhara says, “Swami ji was put under house arrest on the day of the Yatra. Many Hindu leaders who were to be part of the yatra, including myself, were also put under house arrest. This was just like being under the tyrannical rule of the Nizams”. “Swamiji had promised the Yatra would be peaceful and that there would be no public address or provocative speeches. He had openly said that the police are free to take any action against anyone who attempts to spoil the social harmony during the yatra but the police were not ready to listen”, he says.
While the externment of the Swamiji from the city was enough to infuriate Hindus, the treatment meted out to him subsequently angered them more. Shashidhara informs that, “Swamiji’s house arrest continued even on ekadashi, when swamiji had to visit his temple in the morning for pooja. Instead, he was taken to the temple in a police convoy and was able to have darshan at 10PM. But immediately after his poojas, he was forciblely taken away from the temple without even allowing him to have prasada. He was then taken to his house and put under house arrest again. It being ekadashi, Swamiji had not eaten anything the whole day. He requested them to give him a few minutes so that he could consume prasad, but the police inhumanely frisked him away.”
“When the permission for the Yatra had been cancelled, what was the need for a house arrest?, asked Swamiji. Moreover, the house arrest was at a devotee’s house and not at his ashram or temple” informs Shashidhara.
At 2 AM that day, the DCP promised that Swamiji would be taken to the Lakshmi Narasimha Swami of Yadagiri for darshan in the morning and requested everyone to leave. But when they arrived in the morning, no one was allowed to meet Swamiji and the entire stretch was barricaded for half a kilometer. Swamiji resorted to hunger strike over such treatment and the mental harassment he was forced to undergo. On July 11, the 3rd day of his house arrest, government issued an order to banish Swamiji from Hyderabad for 6 months. The order of the Commissioner of Police had many false accusations against Swamiji, says Shashidhara.
One of the charges in the order says that Swamiji spoke against Mughals and Razakars. It next says that he had demanded the change of names of several cities that still carried Islamic names. “These are historical facts and how can that be deemed as provocative or anti-social?”, questions Shashidhara.
Swamiji was then taken to Shree Peetham in Kakinada which is a 5-6 hour drive from Hyderabad. But Swamiji expressed his wish that he would stay out of Hyderabad but not too far away. He then requested to visit Bhadrachalam. This request was turned down too. Instead of driving directly to Kakinada, the police took about 18 hours to reach the place. While the police took food at regular intervals, Swamiji who had nothing for the past 3 days, was denied access to food of his choice. Such was the inhuman treatment meted out to him by the government and police, charges VHP.
‘Ram Naam’ Movement
“Hindus in both the states are very angry over the treatment meted out to Swamiji. This is anti-Hindu and Anti-Dharmic Government which does not respect Hindu saints” says Shashidhara. “VHP has started ‘Ram Naam’ movement and will reach every Hindu house. All Hindu organisations have now resolved to work towards removing this Nizam type government and common public are willingly to become part of this movement. They now understand that while people like Owaisi who abused Sri Ram are allowed to stay in the city, nationalistic people and Hindu saints are put under house arrest and banished. Such appeasement policy of the KCR Government is being condemned by all”, says Shashidhara.