@@INCLUDE-HTTPS-REDIRECT-METATAG@@ CPM’s Hypocrisy Shines Brighter after Popular Front Terrorists Killed SFI Worker in Kerala

CPM’s Hypocrisy Shines Brighter after Popular Front Terrorists Killed SFI Worker in Kerala

Scared of radical Muslim outfit Popular Front, CPM-SFI leaders refrained from making statements against PFI, workers vented anger against BJP during the ‘phony’ protest march against the killers

 CPM-SFI workers destroying the boards and banners put up by BJP
An SFI worker was killed in the wee hours of July 2, 2018 in the prestigious Maharaja’s College, Kochi. Abhimanyu (20), student from Idukki district, was stabbed to death allegedly by the workers of Islamic extremist group SDPI and Campus Front, its students wing. Another SFI student Arjun is hospitalized in critical stage. The dispute is said to be regarding space for writing the party slogans on the walls of the college.
Three workers of the Popular Front of India and Campus Front have been arrested in connection with the murder. It is reported that case has been registered against 15 SDPI men and only one of them is a student in the college; he is absconding. CPM leaders suspect the incident as a ‘planned’ one carried out by bodies with ‘extremist nature’. When one goes back to the recent history of the Islamic extremist groups in Kerala, it is an undisputed fact that CPM has been always soft towards them. Both Congress-led UDF and CM-led LDF joined hands to pass a unanimous resolution in the Kerala Assembly more than a decade ago for the earliest release of the PDP leader Abdul Nassar Madani who was jailed in Tamil Nadu in connection with the infamous Coimbatore blast case, an attempt to kill L.K. Advani which resulted in the death of 58 and left more than 200 people with non fatal injuries. Later on LDF and PDP fought 2004 parliament elections together. Those days, party secretary Pinarayi Vijayan was all pleased to share the dais with the PDP leader. Now, even after Pinarayi’s LDF regime took over in 2016, Islamic fundamentalists had reportedly operated from Kanakamala, a CPM party village in Kannur district. CPM has been always equating SDPI-PFI with RSS. Since people know that RSS is not a terror outfit, the nonsense comparison gave undeserving dignity to the Islamic fundamentalists; their policies and actions simplified. When these fundamentalists killed ABVP/RSS worker Vishal in July, 2012 in Chengannur, Alappuzha district, these vote bank politicians, whether LDF or UDF, did not take a strong stand against them. After three months another ABVP worker Sachin Gopal was killed in Kannur district allegedly by the same groups. Then the third ABVP worker to be killed was Shyamaprasad; he was killed in Kannavam, Kannur district in January, 2018. The accused belonged to SDPI. Again both pseudo secular Fronts remained mum. Their stands all served as obvious and indirect encouragements for the elements. They hesitate to call a spade a spade, thanks to their petty vote bank politics.
There are several incidents where the fundamental activists enjoy the cover of one of the mainstream political parties during the day but are active extremists after sunset. Once CPI member, famous lawyer and media observer Adv. A. Jayashankar told this correspondent about this sun and moon phenomenon which serves the purposes of both the fundamentalists and the parties. On the one hand the fundamentalists get the dignity and social acceptance they do lack otherwise; and on the other, the political outfits get trained cadres for their operations.
The mainstream political parties should stop this pseudo secular modus operandi and minorities appeasement before they organize name sake protests against SDPI, Popular Front and Campus Front.
Ironically, SFI men broke, defiled and destroyed BJP flags and hoardings, displayed in Thiruvananthapuram city in connection with the imminent visit of Amit Shah, when they demonstrated in front of the Secretariat to protest against the murder of their comrade in Kochi ! What does it mean ? Even while shouting from the roof tops that their man was killed by SDPI, their primary target is BJP ! This very action hints their hollow protest against the killers. It once again proves that they are not sincere in their opposition to SDPI. They do not mind to support those outfits at the costs of nationalist forces like RSS, BJP, ABVP, etc. This is the occasion to pray for the poor souls of the Marxist comrades who are killed at the hands of the fundamentalists, because, their leaders are not honest in their attitude to the killers, their enemies are Sangh inspired bodies.