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Saving Credibility of Media is the Biggest Challenge

Dehradun: “A journalist is also a citizen of this country and each one can have his/her own political ideology. Personally one can be impressed by any political party, but when it comes to write the news, the ideology and politics should not reflect in the news. It has posed a big threat to journalism and democracy,” said K G Suresh, the Director General of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi, while speaking at a symposium organised by Viswha Samvad Kendra on June 11.

Shri Suresh further said like a voter in democracy, readers, audience too have their role in the media. Research has vanished from today’s journalism and the scope of field reporting too has reduced. Journalists are unaware of the public opinion and their issues. Everything is not wrong in the society, much is good. There is a need to give a voice to the good also, he said.

In the beginning, director of VSK Shri Vijay Kumar introduced the topic of discussion i.e. “Challenges Before the Media”. Vice Chancellor of Doon University Prof Chandrasekhar Nautiyal stressed that journalists should give the news, which does not create division in the society but they should give the news that gives healthy direction. Television journalist Shri Jaisingh Rawat said the growing mentality of agenda setting has damaged the media credibility hugely. This must be saved at any cost. Former Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay presided over the function. Senior journalist Shri Rajkanwar was felicitated on this occasion.