Wolves in Sheep’s Attire
Organiser   05-Jun-2018

The Archbishop of Delhi Rev. Anil Couto issued (May 2010) a letter to his congregation to pray, in effect, for the change of the NDA government in the Lok Sabha elections next year.


Earlier, the Archbishop of Gandhinagar (Gujarat) had issued a letter asking the church followers to vote, in effect against the BJP in the elections to the Gujarat Assembly. The Delhi Archbishop’s action is supported by the Archbishop of Hyderabad Rev. Tumma Bala, the Vikar General of Hyderabad Arch Diocese Father Swarna Barnard, the Chief of Independent Churches, Bishop Wilson Singam, the Bishop A C. Solomon Raj the head of the churches of South India and others. It is clear that the different Christian Churches are ranged against the BJP-led NDA government and are engaged in a campaign to disaffect Christians in India as well as inciting foreign Christian organisations which are in several ways funding the conversion activities of different proselytising Christian missions in India. In fact, the Christian conversion organisations are engaged in a great fraud. They are telling the converts to declare themselves for government records like census government jobs, as Hindu SCs. In the two Telugu states A.P and Telangana where tens of thousands of Churches, some of them funded by the governments, had come up, the Christian population as per census has been declining both in absolute number as well as a proportion to the total. According to the censuses of India, the Christian population in India was 2.3% in 1951 and 2.3% in 2011. Is it believable that hundreds of years of missionary activity and the rise and rise of Churches by tens of thousands could produce only so little no rise at all? Obviously, the fact of conversion is kept undeclared for government records to avail of reservations and other benefits of Indic (Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist) Dharmas. It is understood that while the Hindu SC and ST convert to Christianity are about 85% of the Christian population, their percentage among Bishops and Archbishops and Cardinals is perhaps not even a single digit figure. If the Dalit and ST Christians cannot get a reservation in the superior ranks of the clergy, what rational have they got to demand that the secular government should give reservations for Dalit Christians? Dr Ambedkar had such a consequence I view when he advised the Dalits in 1956 not to convert to Christianity or Islam but embrace only a Bharatiya dharma, Buddhism. Governments in State and at the Centre and Hindus and other nationalists in particular must take note of the tendentious and seditious activities of the “wolves in sheep’s attire”, the fraudulent subverters of Dharma in Bharat.

- Padma Shri Dr T.H.Chowdary, Hyderabad

One Swallow does not make a summer

It"s sad the BJP couldn"t win the floor test in spite of getting the highest number of seats in the recent Karnataka Assembly elections. Given the zeal with which the Opposition was hoarding its MLAs, the BJP’s inability to prove majority was a foregone conclusion. However, it is ridiculous to see Rahul Gandhi celebrating the Congress"s victory. After his party has been facing defeat across every state under his "utter flop" leadership, I wonder how he is arrogating the so-called success in Karnataka to himself. The Congress has in fact suffered a crushing defeat in the elections and the only reason it will again be in the government is by joining hands with Deve Gowda"s party. Is this a cause for celebration for Rahul? Anyway, one swallow does not make a summer. Emboldened by the turn of events in Karnataka, let him not fantasise about 2019 elections. The march of Modi juggernaut might have suffered a setback, but it is not easy for Rahul to stop it in its tracks with his pitiably purposeless and immature leadership. And also, let the BJP not take things for granted in dreaming of reducing the Congress to “P-P-P” (Punjab, Puducherry and (Gandhi)Parivar). There are many a slip between the cup and the lip. Chastened by the Karnataka debacle, it should work even harder for the forthcoming elections.

- C.V.Krishna Manoj,

Uppal, 500039, Hyderabad

Even Right was right

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Shri T. Satissan for his piece of writing “When Sri Guruji bowled me over” published in Organiser dated May 20, 2018. As I remember something more about that story, let me share that information with you for your kind perusal.

Ashok Mitra was a hardcore communist and former Finance Minister of West Bengal when Jyoti Basu was Chief Minister. Mitra had created hue and cry by declaring himself “I am not a gentleman, I am a communist.” This particular comment by him made him extraordinarily popular as a controversial person. While chit-chatting with me Mitra had also shared his admiring note about Atal Behari Vajpayee saying, “Atal is a very good, knowledgeable and intelligent boy. My only comment about him is –he is a good boy in a bad party”

- Asim Kumar Mitra