Rashtra Sevika Samiti Pravesh Varg Concludes
Organiser   04-Jun-2018


More than 300 girls and women who participated in the Pravesh Varg of Rashtra Sevika Samiti were successful in bringing out the best in them after the conclusion of the fortnight programme. When they came to the Pravesh Varg on May 19, they may not have anticipated that they could develop their physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual attributes collectively. They came to know about the richness of our Bharatiya culture and the associated great figures. Pravesh Varg invites females between the ages of 14 and 55. Together the females learn here about the qualities such as social harmony, self-reliance, self-defense and self-respect.
Rashtra Sevika Samiti is not only the largest women’s organisation of Bharat, but also of the whole world. For the last 82 years, this organisation has been inculcating the values of motherhood, leadership and expressive styles in women. In this programme, the participants pleasantly surprised the spectators through their performance of Judo-Karate, Yoga, bike stunts and various other techniques of self-defense.
On the concluding day, closure session was presided over by Dr Payal Maggo (Principal, Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women). In her address, she said that, “Such Vargs empower females and help in bringing out the best in them. Women who realise their true potentials lead the society in the right direction. One needs not do much to facilitate it, but just focus on the right kind of education for females. Thereafter, females can make right decisions for themselves and they can safeguard their interests.”
The closure ceremony of the Shiksha Varg was organised in East Delhi located Gita Bala Bharti School. It witnessed the participation of the chief guest, Dr Nirupama Goyal (Gynecologist), Vargadhikari Dr Seema Kapila, Varg Karyavahika Vidushi Sharma, Prant Pracharika Vijaya Sharma, parents of the participants and many citizens.
The chief speaker in the programme, Sushri Bhagyashri Sathe (Chief, Akhil Bharatiya Taruni) said that, “These Vargs avail a new direction and foundation to the lives of women. Here those seeds of righteousness are implanted in the adolescent mind that helps them in realising the fact of life that any life should not be self-centred but it should be devoted for the services to the society and the motherland.”