Wake-up Signals
Organiser   26-Jun-2018
This refers to the article "Challenges Ahead", in Organiser dated June 17, 2018. There is no doubt that the people have great respect for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But ground level results are coming quite differently and the BJP needs to learn. Some of the key mistakes it did during the Karnataka elections are; In some of key constituencies BJP could not finalise candidates and at the end it was a very poor choice of candidates. During the election the BJP could not criticise the JD(S), people thought the JD(S) may help the BJP to form the government. The grassroot level leaders of the BJP were not aware about the Prime Minister"s schemes whereas the Congress claimed and canvassed about those schemes as if it were run by the Congress government.
Can we imagine, in Bengaluru which is metro and cosmopolitan city out of 28 seats BJP could win only in 12 seats, and despite bad roads, non-development, corruption charges, the Congress won massively in Bengaluru.
Even in Bengaluru the voters percentage was hardly 50-55%. Whose fault is this? Also the BJP leaders thought that the Prime Minister would come and canvass for them-this made them non-active and non aggressive and finally not reaching to voters. Unless the BJP leaders think positively and venture aggressively it might get tough in 2019.