Unprincipled Gandhian
Organiser   26-Jun-2018
This refers to the editorial in Organiser dated June 24, 2018. The editor has rightly reminded us of president Rahul Gandhi of misusing the Gandhi name. First of all Rahul Gandhi"s family has nothing to do Mahatma Gandhi, whose surname the Nehru family adopted ages ago under debatable circumstances.
But now that Rahul and others in his family flaunt Gandhi as a surname, it is obligatory on them to live up to the Gandhian principles. By dragging the RSS name in the Mahatma Gandhi assassination case, Rahul has demonstrated his petty political sense. When charges were framed against him in a defamation case, it was the 24th hearing in the case and as the editor points out " a leader, who does not miss a single occasion to mention RSS as the main adversary in his speeches, did not bother to appear in the Court. The battery of lawyers, he has been employing at various stages of the case, are using all the delaying tactics to avoid the trial. While pleading in the Supreme Court, Kapil Sibal on behalf of Congress even told that “Rahul Gandhi never accused the RSS as (an) institution for the crime.” Rahul Gandhi after facing the brunt of the backlash backtracked from such argument. Can a man believing in Gandhian principles play a flip-flop on a statement? Satyagraha does not permit so." Very appropriately pointed out by the editor.
R. Kusnur, Pune