Kerala Govt Sabotages the Sreejith Custodial Death Case
Organiser   20-Jun-2018

The charge sheet will not bear the names of CPM stooge A V George, the Ernakulam Rural Superintendent of Police, nor any CPM leaders




It looks like Pinarayi Government believes, a few lakhs of rupees and a job for the widow are more than enough to kill the grief, bereavement, anger and protests of the family members, well wishers and social workers who have been up in arms against the custody death of Sreejith of Varappuzha, Ernakulam district. He died due to brutal police torture he underwent in custody. Now, the police gives final touch to the charge sheet based on the legal advice the home ministry got. It will be submitted before the end of June. The charge sheet will not bear the names of the Ernakulam Rural Superintendent of Police A.V. George nor any CPM leaders. It is well known that George gave instructions to arrest Sreejith.
The idea is to exclude the CPM leaders from the case. Reports have suggested that CPM Alangad area secretary and CPM Ernakulam district secretary had spoken to SP A.V George 8 times and twice respectively prior to the arrest of Sreejith. When the news broke out about the interrogation of CPM Alangad area secretary, home ministry, read Pinarayi, reportedly instructed the police not to interrogate any CPM leader. Meanwhile, CM Pinarayi told the legislative assembly that there was no evidence against the SP. So the accused seven police personnel will be the only ones to be charge-sheeted in the 2000 page document. Three of them are the members of the Rural Tiger Force (RPF) formed and controlled by the SP.

Political observer and CPI member Adv. Jayashankar told that the home ministry is ‘in research’ to find out the means to sabotage the case, perhaps it contends for the Rashtrapathi’s special award in this race ! He thinks that the hurried charge sheet is to preempt the demand for CBI enquiry.
These days, trollers keep on ridiculing the Pinarayi government in social media that its policy is to kill the man and then give a government job to the wife of the deceased. They refer to Sreejith’s family. His widow got a government job and a sum of money after the brutal murder. But, the real criminal culprits behind the murder and the conspirators will be scot free .
BJP and other nationalist organisations have blasted the latest move of the home ministry. Because, this is a blatant attempt to save the police and CPM from the murder case.