Government Revokes the Ramazan Ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir
Organiser   18-Jun-2018


The Government of India has decided not to extend the suspension of operations in Jammu and Kashmir announced at the beginning of Ramzan. On May 17, 2018, Government took the decision that Security Forces will not conduct offensive operations in Jammu and Kashmir during the month of Ramazan in order to provide them a conducive atmosphere to observe Ramazan.
In a press release, the Government commends the role of Security Forces for having implemented the decision in letter and spirit in the face of grave provocation, to enable the Muslim brothers and sisters to observe Ramazan in a peaceful manner. This has been widely appreciated by the people all over the country, including J&K, and has brought relief to the common citizens.
Despite the exemplary restrain displayed by the Security Forces, the terrorists have continued with their attacks on civilians and army personnel during Ramazan, resulting in deaths and injuries.
Security Forces are now being directed to take all necessary actions as earlier to prevent terrorists from launching attacks and indulging in violence and killings. The government stated that itwill continue with its endeavour to create an environment free of terror and violence in Jammu & Kashmir. “It is important that all sections of peace loving people come together to isolate the terrorists and motivate those who have been misguided to return to the path of peace,” the statement urged the citizens in Jammu and Kashmir.