Church Conspiring to Install Puppet Governments: VHP
Organiser   16-Jun-2018


New Delhi: Reacting sharply on the repeated attacks by Church on the NDA Government and some BJP-ruled State Governments, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) alleged that the church is conspiring with the Vatican to prop up puppet Governments in India to fulfill their agenda.
“After the Archbishop of Delhi, now the Arch Bishop of Goa too feels that the Constitution is in danger. It is amply clear that the church of Bharat in collusion with the Vatican is trying to create an atmosphere of distrust against the present government. Why does the church behave in this manner only when there is a BJP Government in the office? A malicious campaign about attacks on churches was made by these people when Shri Modi took over as the PM. When their falsehood was exposed, they did not show their courtesy to apologise for the same. During the reign of Atal ji also, the church breached all boundaries of decency. The kind of allegations that these people had made against Atal ji’s regime cannot even be discussed in a civilised society. Even the National Commission for Minorities had found those allegations false,” said VHP joint general secretary Dr Surendra Jain in a statement on June 6. He said the church should introspect, ask for forgiveness, work according to the constitution of our country and liberate themselves from the Vatican.