#StartUpIndia Starting-Up Empowerment
Organiser   15-Jun-2018

Startup India is steadily scripting success stories on the ground. The brisk pace of changing lives for better is the new air in which Bharat lives


Kreatif is a success story in Thrishur, Kerala. It is a Start-Up of modern digital sophistication, spiced with creativity, art and imagination. It is run by Subhadra Warrier, the managing partner, a ‘woman of ideas’ and perennial energy. The business she has launched suits her talents and aptitude. Her Kreatif is a multimedia hub providing all sorts of communication service requirements for the promotion of the enterprises. It is rich with the latest technology and finest talents. Kreatif is ready with services in ad-films, corporate films for profile building, animation films, graphics, website, software, mobile applications, video editing, photography, album designing, flex designing, advertisement boards, DTP, layout, designing of books, magazines, posters and brochures, business and profile promotions through social media, product marketing through online carts, event management and promotions through media rental services like film camera unit and editing suite. It is a total media solution under a single roof.

Making a Difference

Subhadra availed a loan of 25 lakhs from ‘Start-Up India Scheme for Women’. The promoters pooled Rs 12 lakhs. She launched the organisation in February, 2017. After the teething period of the first few months, now her hands are full; several clients come to Kreatif and return satisfied.

Subhadra explained the justifications for her venture to Organiser. It will not be feasible for an ordinary seller to produce an ad-film, but, she can do it for budget sellers. She produces animation films with technical perfection for both communications and promotions. Kreatif also produces graphic designs for both print and visual media.
Desktop Publishing (DTP), proof reading, lay out, etc. of the books and magazines in English, Malayalam and Hindi are handled by Kreatif, thanks to the excellent editors and DTP operators in Subhadra’s team. Punctuality and promptness are the qualities which attract the clientele to this professional hub. It does have the machineries, experts and expertise for video editing for both TV programmes and film industry. Photography has become the part and parcel of the social and business functions these days. Kreatif has got necessary technical devices and experts for its fruition.
Recently Kreatif launched a new venture, Kreatif Publications, the subsidiary for publishing books, both in English and Malayalam. They get job assignments in this new field.
Kreatif has taken the initiative to introduce substitutes for flexes, an environmental hazard prolonging for 300 years or so. Eco-friendly materials like cloth, papers and canvas are used for banners and advertisements. Since these materials are not economical with respect to the cost, Kreatif faces stiff competition in this regard. But, the organisation has made it a point to go ahead with them as a mission to protect the mother earth.