Kerala BJP Worker Arrested for Criticising CPM MLA
Organiser   12-Jun-2018

BJP worker Suraj has been arrested in Kerala for posting a photo of water logging in Pathanamthitta bus stand blaming CPM MLA Veena George for the negligence of its renovation

Veena George 

Sooraj Ilanthur, a BJP worker has been arrested for allegedly criticising CPM MLA Veena George of Aranmula constituency on Facebook. He was arrested and let off on bail. Sooraj’s post had carried the image of a damaged bus stand and a comment blaming the MLA for the negligence of its renovation.
Since Sooraj was booked under IPC Section 153 (wantonly giving provocation with intent to riot) and IPC Section 500 for defamation MLA has received a lot of flak. Here what we see is blatant double standard with respect to the social media criticism. Recently a case was charged against another user for trolling CM Pinarayi Vijayan. The same time no case against hundreds of trolls against PM Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah, Mizoram Governor Kummanam Rajasekharan, etc. Recently a filthy troll was posted against Kummanam, along with a distorted picture of him, by none other than Pinarayi’s blue-eyed boy Manoj, editor of Deshabhimani, the mouthpiece of CPM. No case against this perverted CPM bloke. If somebody complains about trolls hitting Sangh Parivar leaders police develops cold feet. It is funny that the same people shout on top of their voice from the rooftops against “intolerance of Sangh Parivar and Modi”.

Water logging in Pathanamthitta bus stand  
Recently a CPM college teacher made an FB post demanding shooting of the 31 % of the population, indicating the 31 % vote BJP bagged during the last LS poll. But no arrest of her for instigating violence.
In other words, what Kerala witnesses is state terrorism, intolerance towards criticism and de facto fascism. It is like any other typical Marxist regime which USSR suffered for more than seven decades and the same China and North Korea still suffer. In the same breath, they pretend as the apostles of democracy and freedom of expression.