Archbishop Unmasked
Organiser   12-Jun-2018

Archbishop Unmasked

The mask has fallen off the face of Archbishop of Delhi Anil Couto by urging indirectly to all Christians to vote against BJP citing that the party is posing a threat to our “secular fabric”.

Facts nail his lies! For instance, in 2015 a nun in a church in Nadia(Northern Bengal) was allegedly “gang-raped” and immediately the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) and of course, the usual Left-liberal media raised a mighty hue and cry that BJP was behind this heinous incident and that Christians are in danger under the BJP rule. The actual culprit turned out to be one Nazrul Islam, a Bangladeshi national, whom the Kolkata court convicted last year(along with other accomplices)! Even after the verdict, neither the CBCI nor the media had the courtesy to apologise to BJP for their false accusations. Now, who is under threat from whom? Is it the Church from BJP/RSS or the vice-versa?

Actually, proselytisation is the real threat to the secular fabric of India, because it is leading to communal clashes and demographic aggression. Converting innocent tribals or the poor in the garb of charity is no service at all. Service calls for selfless sacrifice, not the harvest of “pagan” souls. How great it would be if the Church could heed the golden words of late Samineni Arulappa, the distinguished former Catholic Archbishop of Hyderabad! “I totally disagree with proselytisation! Real conversion is conversion to God, not from one religion to another religion.”

C.V.Krishna Manoj, Hyderabad


Politicising the Prayer

What an audacity of Catholic Archbishop of Delhi calling for a prayer to defeat the Modi government in 2019 Lok Sabha elections! I wonder whether we are staying in Bharath or in a foreign country. A religious head giving an open call to the followers of his faith for a political purpose is unthought of in any democracy. Imagine if this had happened in any Muslim or a Christian country, what would have happened? It’s Time to take action through the legal course so that such calls by archbishops do not become a norm during the elections.



Beware of Foreign Hand !

While I appreciate Organiser Editor"s attempt to decode the anti-Modi alliance (Organiser, June 3, 2018), I feel more than decoding it is re-visiting the anti-Modi alliance that has been prevailing since, maybe, 2012, when the early inklings of his name as a PM candidate had started coming up. The re-opening of the Isharat case to begin with and the several CMs of the country coming out with statements with even an anti-Modi group within the me all these were anti-Modi alliances. It is the BJP which is probably refusing to accept that there are forces within and outside the country which want Modi out. You may take satisfaction of making all other political parties financially poor, but I believe these parties will still find money to pursue their agenda set by those sitting outside the country. Trust me, the target of the forces is not just Modi as a PM, but their target is the"the Modi" who is the only one currently seen as the spoiler of the designs of Big Brother countries to somehow stop India from advancing. The NGO money pouring into this country from countries like the US with specific targets that range from conversions to religious intolerant activities to espionage has been a matter of grave concern.

Madhu K. Nair, Nagpur


Decoding Missionaries

The views in the editorial “Decoding The Anti Modi Alliance” (Organiser, June 3, 2018) views are commendable and give an insight into the nefarious design of Christian missionaries and N G O"s in creating havoc and destroying the social fabric of the country. The foreign institutes are funding Christian missionaries and NGO’s. The missionaries are converting tribals, scheduled castes, tribes by inducement, deceit and coercion. The converted tribals are becoming Naxalites, Maoists and are working against the nation. The Hindu population is projected as superstitious, backward and pagan. Fake news is created as the lynching of Dalits, Muslims, minorities. Tuticorin riots are one such pointer which worked against jobs and progress of the nation. The Narmada Bachao Andolan was also an anti-development movement by foreign-funded NGO. All family-owned political parties are taking help of such missionaries and NGOs for their selfish benefits at the cost of nation.