Young Minds: Facing Challenges
Organiser   09-May-2018

Life is full of challenges. In the real world, you have to face real challenges and it is then that all your wisdom and education come to use


The biggest challenge today is to live a moral life in the society. It seems that due to a cultural invasion of India, aggravated by the influx of the electronic media and the Internet, the young are losing hold of their cultural moorings and losing sight of morality. Morality itself eludes a concrete explanation. Morality means a complete alignment of thought, word, and deed. What you think, speak, and do should be towards the same goal or direction.
We in Bharat, have got a wonderful tradition and values to emulate but do not practise. Many other countries do not have such a hoary tradition, but  they practise these values. We must practise truthfulness and honesty. The cause of immorality or dishonesty is expectation. When we expect something and do not get that, we get frustrated and this frustration forces us to do things which we would not have otherwise done. Corruption also is bred with this expectation. In fact, in Bharat, corruption starts early in one’s life. When a child does not do homework, which he/she is supposed to do, his/ her mother coaxes the child and promises a reward. This habit is carried on when the child becomes old and gets an employment and then starts expecting something extra for doing a job which one is supposed to do and for which one gets a salary.
All of you are constantly being prepared, trained, and exhorted to succeed. But how many of you have actually considered the fact that in a class of say forty students, how many can become the first? Obviously, only one, and yet all the students strive to become the first. They are prepared to become the first; they expect to become the first. How many of us train ourselves for failure? It may seem idiotic but on second thoughts it is only reasonable that we should prepare ourselves to handle failure more than handling success because the probability of failures in our lives is much more than that of success.
For anything good to happen in our lives, we need to believe in ourselves. That belief gives us lot of power. We can do everything. There are various examples of people getting up and bouncing back from failures, of people who did extraordinary things in ordinary circumstances with ordinary resources.
Our education is to be blamed for the negativity we get. What we need today is an education which gives us strength and confidence, and faith in the tradition we are born. Only such educatison can truly empower us.
The young are today fraught with lots of problems on account of relationships. This is primarily because of not understanding the role of understanding and sacrifice in a relationship. Love is not sending a SMS and waiting for the reply in nanoseconds or making a missed call and expecting the answer in microseconds. Love is not getting into a quarrel over why the loved one did not call you even though you called so many times. Love is not about pouncing upon the loved one because of a conversation with someone else. Love means sacrifice. Love means giving out yourself without expecting anything. That is true love. It is rare because it is difficult to practise. If you cannot love, you cannot become a complete human being.

(The writer is a monk of the Ramakrishna Mission and is currently the editor of Prabuddha Bharata)