Money poured to save comrades from CBI net
Organiser   09-May-2018

CPM-led LDF regime of Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan spent a fortune to avoid CBI inquiry into eight murder cases party’s comrades are blamed for. Government deployed Harin P. Raval, former Additional Solicitor General of Bharath, to make four appearances in the high court. He charged Rs 15 lakhs for every sitting. He had met with the Kerala officials for two days. For every one hour meeting Rs 4 lakhs was sanctioned. Janam, Malayalam TV channel, broke this news with the documental evidence.
Kerala High Court is yet to issue the verdict on a petition filed by Gopalan Adiyodi Trust, Thalasserry, which prayed for CBI inquiry into seven political murder cases registered after Pinarayi Vijayan regime took over. All accused are CPM men.
Killings of eight RSS-BJP workers, viz. Ranjith of Pinarayi village (Oct 16, 2016), Andalloor Santosh of Dharmadam (January 18, 2017), C.K. Ramachandran of Payyannur (July 12, 2016), Biju of Payyannur (May 12, 2017), Vimal and Radhakrishnan of Kanjikkode, Palakkad (December 28, 2016), Retd. SI of Police Raveendran Pillai of Kadakkal, Kollam (February 18, 2017) and Rajesh of Sreekaryam, Thiruvananthapuram (July 29, 2017) had been referred to in the petition.
This is a clear case of exorbitant, inordinate and extravagant spending from the side of the state government for the sake of saving the skin of their party men. It is an insult to the whole judicial system of the country. It is to sabotage the cases and save their men.
This sort of criminal waste of money has occurred when state government has got an array of legal officials, under its pay roll, in the high court. They are Advocate of General, Additional Advocate Generals (2), Director General of Prosecution, Additional Director General of Prosecution, State Attorney, government pleaders (more than 100).They all come to more than 120. People close to Kerala High Court say that the total salaries being paid to them will be not less than Rs 1 crore per month. The office and secretariat expenses for them will be on top of the salaries.
The government did not use the expertise or service of any of them. The legal observers wonder why does the government keep them in their pay rolls, if it is not satisfied with their efficiency. If the government is satisfied why does it bring Raval ? One can conclude that the state government is worried like mad about CBI enquiry into the above-mentioned political murders. So, they are looking for every straw when they feel of sinking.
The same time, finance minister keeps on telling that the government’s financial condition is grave. Salaries and pensions of the KSRTC staff still pending. But, no limit to luxuries.