Modi Magic Boosts Lotus Boom in Karnataka
Organiser   09-May-2018
R Guruprasad from Bengaluru

The dynamic election campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Karnataka started on May 1. Since then, both the Congress and JD(S) are shaken while the poll pundits are re-calculating their moves as Narendra Modi"s magic is gaining momentum.
The Congress stooped to a new low by huge newspaper advertisements and twitter campaign to sarcastically welcome PM. The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah challenged Modi with five questions regarding Kannada Language and culture.
However, the moment PM started speaking, everyone went into hiding. Thousands of people started turning up, while millions of people glued to television sets just to listen to what Shri Modi had to say. There was already a BJP wave in Karnataka. The wave got more force with the arrival of BJP National President Amit Shah who toured length and breadth of the state. With Modi arrived in the scene, it was nothing but a tsunami of support where the opposition parties were just swept away.
Despite the Congress using all its tricks to divide people in the name of religion, caste, language and even south India versus north Indian debate, Narendra Modi gave a befitting reply-he wanted to build a modern India and it should start from Karnataka.
The eager crowd who didn"t even care for the 40-degree plus temperature listened to the PM speech in awe and said aye to every word the PM uttered. "At 45-degree temperature heat, I have seen the enthusiasm of is rare to witness such level of enthusiasm...I can see that in Karnataka, people themselves are fighting the elections. People from all walks of the society are in the elections," Narendra Modi said. Even Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi or even Mayawati"s speeches went pale and unheard both among the people as well as media.
The five questions raised by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to attack Narendra Modi on the Kannada language issue was like hitting an elephant with a blade of grass. It failed to create any impact among Kannadigas as there were no genuine concerns behind them. Questions like 1) clear your views on Nada Bhashe, Nada Dwaja, Nada Geethe(State Anthem) and give nod to New Nadad Dwaja (Flag) . 2) Stop imposing Hindi. 3) Call for three states meet to end Mahadayi interstates water dispute. 4) Hold Bank exams in Kannada language in Karnataka 5) Read poems written by Rashtra Kavi Kuvempu and be secular, were asked to project Modi as an antagonist. However, people never took it seriously and requested Modi to address them in Hindi language uninterrupted.